Divorce and Financial matters

As family solicitors specialised in resolving divorce and financial matters, we fully appreciate the turmoil in separating from a partner and wondering what steps to take next. We pride ourselves on the handling of sensitive matters and recognise that family law requires much more than just focusing on the law; it requires listening, understanding, empathy, sympathy and somebody to professionally guide you in the right direction.

We recognise the invaluable service separating couples and parents require from us when resolving disputes. We recognise the worry and distress parents have regarding their children who are sometimes forgotten and caught up in lengthy battles over finances, care, separating and securing their children’s future.

We promote a very amicable way of resolving matters, in the best interest of all involved.

We appreciate that legal advice can be costly and are able to offer a fixed fee rate for Divorce matters and finalising your financial agreement by way of a Clean Break Consent Order. To discuss your options in full, we can provide a free 30-minute consultation by contacting any of our four offices in Warrington, Liverpool, Leigh and Runcorn.