Domestic Violence and Injunctions

One incident of Domestic Violence is reported to the Police every minute. If you are a victim and need assistance, we are here to provide urgent advice and the support you require. We will sensitively guide you through the process every step of the way and refer you to third parties who are able to offer you future support and security. We can provide a warning letter on the same day or issue for an emergency injunction should this be required. We can also make an application to extend an injunction to any children within the relationship.

We can provide advice on Occupation Orders to regulate who lives in the family home, should this be required.

You may also be a victim of Harassment. Often victims do not realise the actions of ‘associated persons’* which amount to harassment. If you are experiencing behaviour from a third party which makes you feel distressed, humiliated or threatened including unwanted phone calls, stalking, verbal abuse and threats, for example, this amounts to Harassment.

Often you may feel afraid to speak out due to fear, but rest assured that we offer an exceptional service in providing you with the right guidance.

*Associated Persons

  • Are or have been married to each other
  • Are or have been cohabitants
  • Have lived in same household (other than one of them being the other’s tenant, lodger, boarder or employee)
  • Are relatives (this is defined to include most immediate relatives)
  • Gave agreed to marry (evidenced by a written agreement, the
    exchange of a ring, or a witnessed ceremony)
  • In relation to a child (they are both parents,  or have or have had
    parental responsibility for a child) [see Children Act 1989 for the definition of parental responsibility]
  • Are parties to the same family proceedings