The Lowdown on Family Law Solicitors

Family law is an area of the legal profession that deals with disputes within relationships. It differs from many other areas of law due to the high level of emotional turmoil that can be involved, and it requires a more empathetic skill set from its practitioners.

The obvious area for family lawyers to operate is in the divorce courts, but their role includes dealing with adoption, child abuse and abduction, custody, paternity testing and property settlements, as well as marriage and divorce.

What Do Family Law Solicitors Do?

It’s easy to suppose that people can painlessly resolve difficulties within their own families. However, there’s a fine line between love and hate, and, once that line has been crossed, any form of negotiation can be extremely difficult.

Often, it’s not solely mediation that’s required. Sometimes the law has an input, particularly in the case of childcare. If parents are of different nationalities and one wishes to take the children elsewhere, this can become even more fraught.

Obviously, it’s cheaper and more practicable to resolve problems between yourselves, but if talks break down, a good family solicitor can be vital. A family solicitor will do everything they can to assist the parties to reconcile their differences outside of court. They’ll use tactful discussion and negotiation in order to minimise stress to all concerned and bring about a settlement, but it’s not always possible.

Divorce and Separation

The most common area in which family lawyers act is when a relationship turns sour. The process of mediation can only go so far, and sometimes breakdown is irrevocable. In these instances, it’s important to involve skilled family lawyers to fight your case.

After a long marriage, shared possessions need to be accounted for. Often this includes the family home and who should have rights to it, as well as the distribution of joint financial assets. If one partner has all the earning potential and the other has sacrificed their career to support their partner, an equitable distribution of wealth is required.

More distressing is the negotiation of custody and access to children. Where this looks straightforward initially, complications can arise over time. This is particularly so when new partners appear on the scene.

Family law is not all bad and painful things though. It can also be needed when bringing new people into the family, particularly through adoption. Adoption can transform the lives of children, but it’s also a complicated legal process, as parenting rights are transferred from birth parents to adoptive parents through the courts.

Who We Are

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