Incorrect Diagnosis of Cancer Claims

For some patients, they may be misdiagnosed as having cancer. Some patients may have undergone unnecessary medical procedures, and others have developed a severe psychological reaction to the belief that they were terminally ill.

Clinical Negligence with Prescription Errors
Mistakes with prescriptions can occur when GPs or hospital doctors write a prescription with an incorrect spelling or dosage or administration advice. Alternatively, pharmacies can also issue the incorrect medication or dosage to patients. Many medication errors cause harm only for a short period, but some result in serious injury, illness and even death.

When prescriptions are issued for children, particular care has to be taken to ensure the medication and dosage are appropriate for their age and weight. However, this is not always done and harm can occur.
If you have been prescribed the incorrect medication, then you may be entitled to claim compensation and you should contact us to discuss the matter in more detail.