Medical Negligence Surgery Miscellaneous

Other medical negligence issues which may occur when undergoing surgery include when cosmetic surgery has not been performed appropriately. Also, during various operations, other organs can be damaged which may be negligent or there has been a failure to recognise the damage has occurred and to treat it appropriately. Also, during the course of surgery swabs and various surgical instruments have to be used.

After an operation is completed theatre staff have to ensure that all swabs and surgical instruments used during the operation are accounted for. However, on occasions, negligence occurs when swabs or surgical instruments are left inside patients. When such foreign objects are left inside a patient, complications can occur such as infections can develop and further surgery is required to remove the foreign object.

If a foreign object has been left inside you after undergoing an operation then you may be entitled to compensation.

Negligence by surgeons or clinicians can be due to faulty or misused instruments or from a lack of training. Some surgeons take on or are given too much work and fail to deal with consent issues properly or explain procedures post-surgery. This lack of communication can lead to clinical negligence claims.