What is Medical Negligence?

Medical negligence occurs when unsatisfactory care is delivered to patients by healthcare professionals and can come in many forms, including misdiagnosis, surgical errors and poor-quality treatment. It can cause injuries that wouldn’t have otherwise happened or worsen existing conditions. Sadly, some people have even passed away as a result of medical negligence. The compensation you...Read More

Clinical Negligence: Where Do You Turn?

Suffering illness or injury due to a mistake or error made when receiving medical treatment can be very traumatic.  In such circumstances, individuals need to know where to turn for help getting the closure on the incident that they often so desperately need. For most of us a trip to the doctor, hospital, optician or...Read More

How New Pension Laws Will Affect You

It’s rare for a budget to pass without bringing a new raft of changes to the way pensioners can dispose of their money. This is because the treasury is constantly trying to perform a careful balancing act in economically testing times. A few decades back, the pension-claiming population was dwarfed by the working population, but...Read More

What Does Employment Law Cover?

Employment Law is one of those things you never really think about until it comes time to enact it. As an employee, you trust your company will have upheld their end of the bargain when it comes to conducting fair employment. As the employer, it can often take care of itself when implemented correctly to...Read More

Are You Entitled to a Holiday Accident Claim?

Holidays are supposed to be an enjoyable, relaxing experience, and most are just that. But unfortunately sometimes things go wrong, and injuries or sickness occur that spoil your expensive plans. However, you may not need insurance to make a claim for sickness or an accident that occurred while on holiday abroad. If you’ve booked your...Read More

What Makes a Dismissal Unfair?

Being dismissed is never pleasant. It can be stressful and come as quite a shock. However, not all dismissals are at the fault of the employer, and it is essential to know the difference between being personally being at fault and when not. A dismissal would be fair if: The employee had questionable competency; The...Read More

How to Claim if You Have Experienced Medical Negligence

Sadly, few of us get through our lives without undergoing some form of serious medical treatment. While modern-day healthcare is undertaken to a very high standard, mistakes are occasionally made. It’s in the nature of the work that when clinical practitioners make mistakes, lives can be lost or damaged. If that’s the case, you may...Read More

How to Identify Scam Solicitors

When you’re dealing with a solicitor, you have to trust them one hundred percent. These are people you’re often sharing very personal information with, people who will be acting on your behalf, and, very often, people who have access to sizable sums of your money. So it’s little wonder there are a few unsavoury characters...Read More

What You Should Know Before Writing a Will

As a society, we’re often very reluctant to talk about death, but it’s something we must discuss as it comes to us all eventually. Sometimes it comes unexpectedly too, so knowing what’s going to happen to our property and dependants in that event is vital. For this reason, it’s always advisable to make a will,...Read More