Deceased Clients

An upsetting part of our job is acting for clients who have passed away and we understand that this is a very difficult time for the family. We may act for deceased clients either because: A family has contacted us with concerns about their loved one’s treatment; or The client passed away during the course...Read More

Cancer Cases

We investigate cases relating to the delay in diagnosing cancer here at Mark Reynolds. This is a difficult topic, as the diagnosis of cancer often has a profound effect on an individual but to then find out that the cancer may have been diagnosed earlier, is very hard. We find that these clients have a...Read More

5 Reasons to Write a Will

Whilst no one wants to dwell on what will happen to their belongings after their demise, preparing a will can help to put your mind at rest that you are in control of what happens to your estate in the event of your death. Without a will, the people who receive your estate are decided...Read More

Reasons to Claim Against Your Dentist

Many people worry about going to the dentist and often feel nervous or apprehensive even at the thought of treatment. Usually, treatment goes well and they leave the dental surgery feeling relieved, with their dental worries resolved. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes people are left suffering from unnecessary damage, stress and pain after...Read More

What is a Will?

Simply, a Will is a legal document that sets out your instructions for your accumulated wealth to be disposed of after your death. There are many reasons for putting off making a Will “it’s tempting fate”, “I have nothing to leave” and “my family knows who gets what”. A Will can be made by anyone...Read More

Employment Law Changes in 2018

Employment law changes frequently, so it’s advisable to remain completely up to date with the latest legislation for compliance purposes. Read on to learn more about the latest amendments to employment law. Gender pay gap reports One of the latest changes to the law is that large employers now have deadlines for reporting gender pay...Read More

Mark Reynolds Solicitors Launches New Wills And Probate Division

Mark Reynolds Solicitors have announced the expansion of its Wills, Trusts and Estates Department with the addition of specialist legal support for elderly clients. The new Elderly Client service will be led by Wills and Probate expert Carl Marston. Carl, who served as regional Chairman of Solicitors for the Elderly in the Cheshire and Staffordshire District,...Read More

Does My Business Need A Consultancy Agreement

If you run a business and are considering taking on a consultant, you will need to get a suitable contract in place to protect all concerned. When you draw up a consultancy agreement, you can put clear terms and conditions in place, whether the consultant is a company or an individual. A growing number of...Read More

What is GDPR? How to Comply With the New Law

The new General Data Protection Regulation rules have just come into force and are designed to ensure organisations obtain data about individuals fairly. The new data protection rules have resulted in scores of e-mails finding their way into our inboxes and require “genuine consent” which is why so many people on mailing lists are being...Read More

What Counts As Medical Negligence?

Not a day goes by without signs of stress in the UK’s medical services. In 2018, the term ‘NHS crisis’ is now being described as a ‘year-round crisis’ by The Guardian. Medical services in the UK are always criticised in the media for being underfunded, understaffed, and overwhelmed. In what is supposed to be a...Read More