Child Arrangements (contact and residence)

Separating from a partner is a challenging and emotionally-charged life event, particularly when children are involved.

A parent’s priority is always their child’s wellbeing and best interests. However, during a separation, parents sometimes disagree about what’s best for their children, further complicating an already difficult situation.

Specialist child arrangement solicitors can provide invaluable support and guidance during difficult child arrangement disputes or negotiations.

At Mark Reynolds Solicitors, just like you, our child arrangement solicitors always prioritise a child’s best interests above all else.

Our dedicated family law specialists act compassionately and professionally to help resolve child arrangement problems. We can also provide the necessary representation should an urgent application to court become necessary.

We understand that legal costs can be a worry, which is why we offer a variety of tailored packages to suit your needs.

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What child arrangement issues do we help with?

Our team of child arrangement solicitors have helped countless families throughout the North West of England come to peaceful agreements about childcare and contact arrangements.

We understand that every separation and family dynamic is different, and the best outcome for one family can be different to what is right for another.

We’re experienced at negotiating agreements on childcare issues, including custody and living arrangements, access, financial maintenance, relocations, grandparents’ rights, and specific issues like changing the child’s name.

What is a Child Arrangement Order?

A Child Arrangement Order is a legally binding document designed to clarify child arrangements following their parents’ separation by setting out custody and access arrangements for the child.

Any parent or guardian of a child can apply for a Child Arrangement Order.

Child Arrangement Orders are primarily used to determine who a child will live and spend time with by establishing a main caregiver and outlining when and how the other parent will spend time with the child.

A Child Arrangement Order is only necessary if the parents cannot otherwise agree on child arrangements.

Handling child arrangement disputes

When those with parental responsibility cannot agree on child arrangement issues, our team of child arrangement solicitors is on hand to provide advice and guidance about the legal avenues available to address these disputes.

Two additional types of court orders commonly used to address child arrangement disputes are the Prohibited Steps Order and the Specific Issue Order.

Prohibited Steps Order—This order prevents a parent from taking a specific action without the court’s permission, such as taking the child out of the country or changing the child’s name.

Specific Issue Order—This order can resolve a particular issue. For example, it allows the court to decide if parents cannot agree on where a child should go to school.

In addition to guiding you through obtaining any necessary court orders, we also offer family mediation and negotiation services.

We understand the importance of preserving positive relations between parents and minimising family conflict for the child’s wellbeing.

Our family mediation services provide a constructive and non-confrontational environment for parents to discuss and resolve their differences with the help of a trained mediator.

We’re committed to helping separating couples reach mutually acceptable and amicable solutions.

Why choose Mark Reynolds Solicitors for Child Arrangement Orders?

At Mark Reynolds Solicitors, we support the resolution code of practice and are committed to resolving child arrangement disputes non-confrontationally.

We understand how fraught with emotion child arrangement negotiations can be and always prioritise the child’s best interests.

Whether you require legal advice on custody arrangements, access disputes, or specific issue orders, our dedicated child arrangement solicitors are here to provide transparent, affordable, and tailored solutions you can trust.

With offices in Liverpool, Warrington, Leigh, and Runcorn, we have helped countless families across the region peacefully resolve child arrangement issues.

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