Accidents At Work Testimonials

S -v- Cranswick plc

A fractured knee was suffered by the Claimant in her workplace as a result of the Defendants failing to comply with The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 (Regulation 12 (1) & 3) regarding floors and traffic routes.

The injuries left the Claimant with issues relating to mobility and also psychiatric injury.

Following the commencement of Court Proceedings and the need for the Claimant to undergo surgery on 3 occasions, compensation was paid to the Claimant which reflected the necessity of the Claimant to be medically reviewed every 10 years.

M -v- Airbus

The Claimant was employed by the Defendant as an Aircraft Fitter and due to negligence on the part of his employer, the Claimant suffered damage to his hearing.

Negligence was denied, proceedings issued following which the Claimant successfully defended an Application to Strike Out his case brought on the grounds that the Statutory Limitation period in which to bring his claim had expired.

Compensation was paid to the Claimant in an out of Court settlement.

P -v- Tulip Ltd

The Claimant sustained an Inguinal Hernia in the course of his employment with the Defendant in the course of his employment as a factory worker in a meat processing plant.

The hernia, which required surgery, was caused due to the Claimant carrying out what was an excessive workload.

The Claimant successfully brought Court proceedings against the Defendant for compensation.

S -v- Brentag

The claimant was a tanker driver employed by the Second Defendants delivering concentrated bleach for the First Defendants.  Whilst discharging, he was sprayed with the product from a fault in the line sustaining chemical burns and PTSD.  Despite multiple breaches of the COSHH, the Defendants denied liability seeking to blame each other.  The claim settled shortly before trial.

D -v- Virgin Atlantic Airways

Complex injuries resulting from incorrect equipment, inadequate ventilation and exposure to various hazardous substances and materials in the workplace.

Liability and Causation both disputed by Virgin.

Litigation resulted in the case being settled before Trial.

P -v- Shellmech Limited and Brincliff Services

Case settled prior to Trial after the Claimant sustained catastrophic injuries after a fall from height in the course of his employment.

The compensation damages awarded included an element for CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) under the Budapest criteria and for which the Claimant underwent a 16 week ‘live in’ course at The Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery.

K -v- Cransiwick PLC

The Claimant brought a claim for compensation as a result of serious injuries suffered in the course of her employment.

The injuries constituted burns to her leg when steam from a faulty piece of machinery came into contact with the Claimant.

Liability was admitted, Court Proceedings commenced and the case was settled following specialist medical evidence from a Plastic Surgeon and a Skin Camouflage Expert.

M -v- B Skip Hire Limited

The Claimant’s hand was crushed by a large piece of timber whilst working in the course of his employment as a production line operative.

The injuries suffered required reconstructive surgery to the ligaments of the Claimant’s hand.

Permission was sought (and granted) by The Court for the Claimant’s legal representatives to attend the production line to assess the working conditions, the layout of the waste production line and to inspect the number of emergency stop buttons and the number of CCTV cameras in operation at the Defendants premises.

The evidence that was collected resulted in a successful out of Court settlement for the Claimant.

R -v- Incentive FM Group

The Claimant sustained serious neck, head and arm injuries when he lost consciousness in an Accident at Work due to failings of the Defendant in respect of the Work at Height Regulations 2005.

The Claimant received compensation damages shortly after the service of the requisite medical evidence.

B -v- SAM Joinery Ltd

The Claimant was working as apprentice joiner and was asked to use a router which he had never been trained on.

This resulted in severe injuries to 2 fingers. Grip issues were discovered and reported upon in the medical evidence and the case was settled after Court Proceedings were issued, the Claimant being awarded compensation damages which also included an element for the psychiatric injury detailed in the medical evidence.

G -v- Greencore Prepared Meals Ltd

Breaching The Health and Safety at Work Regulations, (Defective Work Equipment) The Defendants were negligent when the Claimant was scalded around his midriff and on his legs when a valve burst on machinery. Medical evidence from a Plastic Surgeon and a Psychiatrist were obtained and compensation damages were awarded to the Claimant after Court Proceedings were issued.

K-v- Collodis Limited

The Claimant worked for the Defendant for a period of just over 4 years whereby he alleged that during the course of his employment, he was exposed to excessive levels of dust and fumes.

Liability and limitation remained live issues.

Supportive medical evidence was obtained from a Consultant in Respiratory Medicine who confirmed a prognosis of bronchial asthma.

Court Proceedings were issued and the Claimant’s case for compensation was settled prior to Trial.

S -v- Harder Bros Ltd

Owing to breach of the Manual Handling Regulations and The Employers’ Liability (Defective Equipment Act 1969), the Claimant severed his index finger whilst working on machinery in the course of his employment.

After the claim was presented to both his employer and the owner of the premises, liability was denied which resulted in Court proceedings being issued.  

Expert Engineering evidence in respect of the defective machine was obtained. However, before the engineering evidence was served, the claim was settled on a without prejudice basis for a 6 figure sum.

H -v- NMS Civil Engineering Ltd

In an Accident at Work, The Claimant suffered severe crush injuries whilst using machinery. The complex injuries were assessed by way of medical evidence that accounted for the long-term prognosis of the hand and for which compensation was awarded.

S -v Quest

The Claimant was working at a premises laying flooring when he was exposed to high resin fumes. Compensation for the Claimant was agreed following service of specialist medical evidence relating to the skin condition suffered as a result of the Defendants negligence.

T -v- GM Drumworks Ltd

Injuries were sustained to the Claimant’s wrist as a result of an accident in the workplace. The ruptured tendons and severed nerves required surgery.

Following an outright denial of liability by the Defendants, the Claimant received payment of compensation damages.

A -v- Network Rail Infrastructure 

The Claimant was employed by the Defendants at Buxton Train Station when he was injured in an accident at work.

The Claimant received compensation in an out of Court settlement for multiple injuries including to his head, psychiatric injuries and in relation to Chronic Pain Syndrome for which he was diagnosed.

W -v- T & JT Bottlers Limited

The Claimant sustained catastrophic brain injuries after he slipped on ice at his place of work.

Liability and Causation were both disputed by the Defendant’s

Court proceedings were issued resulting in the Defendant’s settling the claim for compensation.

N -v – Murfitts Limited

The Claimant sustained a serious arm injury in the course of his employment as a Machine Operative which required reconstructive surgery.

Despite liability and causation both being denied the Defendant agreed to settle the Claimant’s case.

C -v- McBurney Transport Limited

The Claimant sustained what appeared to be a relatively a minor injury in an accident at work, namely a fracture to the heel bone. As a result of this injury, the Claimant developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Specialist medical evidence was obtained to support the diagnosis and compensation damages was paid to the Claimant.

N -v- The Norfolk Arms Hotel  

The Claimant was injured in an accident at work when he tripped and sustained a fracture to his neck. Liability initially was admitted by the Defendant insurance company who then reversed their decision.

The case was eventually listed for a 5-day trial but settled shortly before the hearing date for significant compensation damages.