Cyclist / Motorcyclist Testimonials

W -v- Walsh / Hastings Direct

The Claimant cyclist was injured after being knocked from his bike and propelled at force through the air. Liability was denied by the Defendant but the Claimant’s case was supported by an independent witness leading to an out of Court settlement. The Claimant was a Premier League footballer and all associated losses were claimed.

Stewart -v- Hastings Insurance

The Claimant motorcyclist sustained serious injury as a result of being knocked from his motorcycle by a negligent motorist. Damages were paid to the Claimant for personal injury and associated losses in an out of Court settlement.

B -v- D

The claimant motorcyclist sustained injuries after being knocked off his motorcycle after a motorist emerged into the path of his correctly proceeding motorcycle. Damages were paid to the Claimant without the necessity to institute Court proceedings.

D -v- Axa Insurance

The Claimant motorcyclist was thrown from his motorcycle in a collision with a car resulting in serious and multiple injuries for which the Claimant was awarded a six figure sum of compensation in an out of Court settlement following rehabilitation provided by the Defendant insurer.