Wills in Warrington, Runcorn, Liverpool and Leigh

Over two-thirds of people in the UK die without having made a valid will. By making a will you can plan who your Estate is left to and help to safeguard the interests of your family, friends and dependants.

Why make a will?

If you die without making a valid will your Estate will pass in accordance with the rules of intestacy, which could potentially see your estate fall out of the hands of the people you want to support the most.

Many people live together without getting married but without a marriage certificate, a formal written cohabitation agreement or a valid will, the surviving partner will often get nothing as the estate would pass to blood relatives.

If you have infant children it’s important to appoint guardians to look after them in the event of your death to ensure they are cared for by a person of your choosing.

Planning for the future is difficult but the peace of mind it brings is priceless. That is why we offer a will writing service.

Can’t I write my own will?

Many people do write their own ‘DIY wills’, and while this is less costly than engaging a professional, the practice can be fraught with uncertainty. A simple mistake could render your will invalid or allow ambiguities to arise. If a solicitor is required after you pass in order to clarify your intentions, this will reduce the value of any inheritance further.

When it comes to your estate, it’s best to spend the little extra money at the time the will is written, in order to give you and your loved ones peace of mind. You can read more about the problems with DIY wills on our blog.

Why choose Mark Reynolds Solicitors?

At Mark Reynolds Solicitors we pride ourselves on the personable service we provide. We appreciate that every person is different and take the time to understand the individual needs of each of our clients. We offer tailored advice regarding family circumstances and business and financial arrangements to help you decide what to do with your estate.

Although you can, in fact, write your own will, we strongly advise against this as many homemade wills are not prepared and executed correctly, meaning the will is invalid, which can lead to confusion and possibly lengthy legal wrangling.

Our specialist solicitors can draft your will following your requests and instructions, whilst ensuring that you meet the necessary legal requirements. The process can be very straightforward and simple and at Mark Reynolds Solicitors we provide a clear and concise menu of fees so there are no hidden charges or extras.

Our specialist solicitors provide impartial advice by telephone, letter or in person for the benefit of you and your family. For further advice on will writing or to make an enquiry simply complete the contact form or call us on 01942 260 228.