Parental Responsibility

Holding parental responsibility is essential if you want a part in making significant decisions regarding a child’s life.

When you have parental responsibility, it means you have legal rights and responsibilities for a child.

While the birth mother of a child is automatically given parental responsibility, this isn’t always the case for the father.

If you do not have parental responsibility and wish to consider your options, or if you are not being allowed to exercise your parental rights, we are here to guide you through the process.

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What is parental responsibility?

Parental responsibility is “all the rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authority by law a parent of a child has in relation to the child and his or her property”.

Therefore, any major decision relating to education, health, religion, or name changes should be discussed and agreed upon with the other parent.

The father only has parental responsibility if he is registered on the birth certificate (since December 1 2003) or if he is married to the mother at the time of the child’s birth or subsequently.

The father otherwise can only obtain parental responsibility if the mother agrees or if he obtains an appropriate court order.

What decisions can you make with parental responsibility?

When a child’s parents or guardians are all getting along, legal parental responsibility may seem unimportant.

However, when disputes, disagreements, and separations occur, the significance of parental responsibility suddenly comes sharply into focus.

Those without parental responsibility are not legally entitled to make important decisions about a child’s welfare in such situations.

Parental responsibility gives you the legal right to make important decisions concerning your child, including:

  • Their name
  • Where they will live
  • Where they will go to school
  • Their religion
  • The right to consent to medical treatment for the child
  • The right to access the child’s medical records
  • The right to access the child’s school reports

If you want to be involved in making these major parenting decisions but don’t have legal parental responsibility, then you may be able to apply to obtain it.

How to get parental responsibility

There are a couple of different routes for applying for parental responsibility. The right route for you depends on your circumstances.

If you are the child’s biological parent, you may be able to apply for parental responsibility by either signing a Parental Responsibility Agreement or obtaining a Parental Responsibility Order.

If you are caring for the child, but you are not the child’s parent, you may be able to get parental responsibility by applying for a Child Arrangement Order.

If two people with parental responsibility cannot agree on what is best for a child, then a Specific Issue Order or a Prohibited Steps Order may be issued to prevent action from being taken and help resolve the problem.

Why choose Mark Reynolds’ parental responsibility solicitors?

Here at Mark Reynolds Solicitors, our team of parental responsibility agreement solicitors can help you understand and navigate the laws surrounding parental rights and responsibility.

Some of the services we offer relating to parental responsibility include:

  • Gaining parental responsibility
    • Parental responsibility agreements
    • Parental responsibility orders
  • Removing parental responsibility
  • Resolving parental responsibility disputes
    • Mediation services
    • Specific issue order
    • Prohibited steps order

Do you need a solicitor to apply for parental responsibility? No, it’s not mandatory.

However, it can be highly beneficial. Our team of parental responsibility solicitors can provide you with expert advice and guidance, representing your interests and helping you to prepare a strong case.

Our guidance will help you to navigate the legal process smoothly, ensuring that your application is completed correctly and efficiently.

We recognise the delicate nature of family matters, particularly those involving children, and handle all cases relating to parental responsibility with professionalism, confidentiality, and compassion.

Our team of parental responsibility solicitors always prioritise the welfare of children above all else.

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