Orthopaedic Injury Claim Cases

Orthopaedics is the area of medicine which treats injury or deformities to bones, ligaments, joints and muscles. When you suffer from an orthopaedic condition which requires treatment, the medical professional who provides treatment to you will normally be an orthopaedic surgeon.

Medical Negligence may occur in relation to orthopaedic treatment in a number of different circumstances. Some situations where medical negligence can occur in relation to orthopaedic treatment include:

  • Failure or Delay to Diagnose a Fracture: this can occur if there is a failure to undertake the correct assessment of your injury and undertake appropriate investigations such as x-rays or scans. In some situations even when x-rays or scans are performed, if they are not interpreted correctly and the fracture can be missed. Also, negligence can occur when there is a failure to perform the correct type of x-ray or scan. When there is a failure or delay in diagnosing a fracture it can cause the patient to suffer prolonged pain and suffering. For some patients, the failure to diagnose a fracture can lead to the patient’s condition to worsen and as such, they require more treatment than they otherwise may have required and they can be left with long-term disabilities.
  • Incorrect treatment provided to fracture: when a patient is diagnosed with a fracture there can be various methods available to treat that particular injury. However, if the incorrect treatment is provided for the sort of fracture sustained then this can lead to further treatment being required.
  • Medical Negligence during Orthopaedic Surgery: For some patients undergoing surgery incorrect joint replacement components can be used which can cause further pain and injury to occur. Additionally, negligence can also occur if the joint replacement is not fitted correctly. When patients require ligament reconstruction surgery negligence can occur when grafts are placed incorrectly.
  • Nerve Injury: when a patient undergoes orthopaedic surgery damage can occur to the patient’s nerves. If damage to the nerve occurs it can result in permanent damage or mobility problems.
  • Suturing or dressing of wounds: negligence can occur if there is a failure to recognize inadequate suturing or the dressing of wounds which can lead to infections and further health complications.

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