Cycling Accidents

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Cycling accident claim

Here at Mark Reynolds Solicitors, we provide a sympathetic, professional and honest approach to people who come to us with cycling accident injuries. We can also help if your accident was caused by an uninsured or untraced driver.

The statistics 

Whilst cycling can be good fun and great exercise, cyclists are vulnerable on the roads and have little protection if they are involved in any type of collision – especially a collision with a motor vehicle.

Every year in this country around 18,500 cyclists are killed or injured in reported road accidents, including around 3,400 who are killed or seriously injured. RoSPA estimates the number of injuries could be underreported by at least half, as not all incidents are reported. The hazards of cycling on the open road are quite evident – traffic is getting ever busier and people are rushing around in their cars like never before. 

Common causes of a cycling accident are as follows:

  •  Motorist emerging into path of cyclist
  • Motorist turning across path of cyclist
  • Cyclist riding into the path of a motor vehicle, often riding off a pavement
  • Cyclist turning right across one or more lanes of traffic
  • Child cyclist playing or riding too fast
  • Defective road surface

Common types of cycling injuries

There are a range of potential injuries that can be sustained when riding a bicycle, from minor issues that can easily be recovered from, to more serious and sometimes even fatal injuries.

Three of the most common types of cycling injuries according to RoSPA are:

Limb injuries

Injuries to limbs are the most common cycling injury, from sprains and fractures to breaks. Around 40% of limb injuries are to the arms, with a quarter being to the legs.

Chest and abdomen

Chest and abdomen injuries can be significant, causing real pain and potential long-term damage to the individual.  While they are sustained less often, their impact can be significant.  Often they can lead to multiple injuries, not least to the neck and head.

Head injuries

Head injuries are all too prevalent when cyclists are involved in an accident. They are by far the most serious injuries cyclists can sustain, sometimes leading to brain damage, skull fractures and fatalities.

All of these injuries can lead to considerable pain and inconvenience, often with radical changes needed to someone’s lifestyle to help them adapt to their changed circumstances.

How much compensation could I claim?

If a cyclist is injured while out on the roads through no fault of their own then they may be able to claim compensation. If they are entitled to compensation then it is vital that they receive the full amount of compensation available to them. As with other personal injury claims, settlement amounts can vary depending on the severity of the accident. The amount received for being knocked off a bike sustaining serious injuries can and often be higher than many other forms of personal injury claim. Cycle accident solicitors will be able to advise about the amount you may be entitled to.

While it can be difficult to predict how much someone may receive in compensation a possible settlement for a cycle accident could include two heads of claim.

These are:

General Damages

These account for the physical pain, psychological suffering and the overall loss of quality of life that the cycling accident may have caused.  It will take account of the traumatic medical treatment that you had to endure. It will also include the mental impact that stems from the injuries and your ability to enjoy your free time.

As part of your cycle accident compensation payout, you can claim general damages and special damages.

Special Damages

These will take into consideration any financial losses that have resulted from your accident, both historically and going forward. These are there to ensure that cycling personal injury victims are not to carry the burden financially after an accident that wasn’t their fault. Special damages can take account of a wide range of potential costs including medical bills, prescriptions, travel costs for treatment, loss of earning and any future earnings, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, cost of household help and the adaptation of the home environment.

It’s important to retain as much evidence of any expenses incurred as possible. This may include receipts, bank statements and bills. Without this evidence you may not be able to recover the costs.

Mark Reynolds as your bike accident solicitor 

We’ll make sure you receive the maximum injury compensation available. You’ll be in good hands:

  • Get your bike repaired or replaced
  • Get damaged clothing and accessories repaired or replaced
  • Specialist impartial advice
  • No Win No Fee
  • All injury and types of bike accident accepted
  • We will update you at every point of the claim process
  • Rehabilitation
  • Maximum compensation 

Making a claim 

Contact Mark Reynolds Solicitors with as little or as much information as you have to hand about your cycle accident or cyclist injury. We can investigate further with the police or witnesses to obtain any other evidence needed to begin your cyclist accident personal injury claim.

All personal injury claims, including cycle accident personal injury claims, are subject to strict time limits, so you need to act fast. Another reason to begin your cyclist accident personal injury claim as soon as possible is that you are more likely to recall the exact circumstances if the cycle accident has only just recently occurred.

You can telephone us on freephone 0800 002 9577 or you can complete one of our online personal injury compensation claim forms.