Road Traffic Accident Testimonials

C -v- Shuker

Serious injuries sustained in a road traffic collision for which liability was denied by the Defendant meaning that the case was dealt with at Trial.

The Claimant was successful in her case following the 2 day Trial before which The Defendant made their first offer “on the steps of the court’ on the morning of the first day of the Trial, the same offer being rejected by The Claimant.

A -v- Haven Insurance

Serious Road Traffic Accident in which a Pedestrian suffered a fractured pelvis and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

No offers of settlement were made by the Defendants. Court Proceedings were issued and the case settled out of court with the Claimant being compensated for their losses.

P -v- Bolger

The Claimant motorcyclist sustained a serious knee injury requiring reconstructive surgery when a car collided with him.

The Claimant, constituting in a law a vulnerable road user, was accused of excessive speed, an allegation that did not succeed.

The Claimant settled his claim for compensation prior to Trial.

T -v- Cheshire West and Chester Council

The Claimant was part of a cycling group when a member hit a pothole causing him to fall and sustain multiple orthopaedic injuries.

The Defendant local Council were adamant in their Defence that they  had not breached s41 of the Highways Act and in any event had the requisite s58 Defence which was disproved after issuing Court Proceedings.

Compensation was awarded to the Claimant before Trial.

E -v- Admiral Insurance

Compensation paid to the Claimant following injuries sustained whilst a passenger in her husband’s vehicle. The injuries were multiple in nature including psychiatric injuries and damaged eyesight.

D -v-  Manchester City Council 

The Claimant was injured as a result of an accident on black ice on The Mancunian Way. The Court ordered that specific evidence could be obtained to establish the extent to which the Defendant city council had breached their duty of care in failing to grit and make safe the road the Claimant was travelling upon.

2 days before Trial Compensation was paid to the claimant for all injuries and associated losses including those relating psychiatric injury.

H -v- Cooperative Insurance Limited

The Claimant was knocked down by a drunk driver leaving her with several serious fractures. The driver left the scene and denied ever having been involved in the accident.  The case was resolved leading to the driver of the motor vehicle being sentenced to a jail term.