Civil Actions Against The Police Testimonials

M -v- Commissioner of The Police of The Metropolis

The Claimant was unlawfully detained for a period of 45 hours upon her return from holiday to the Dominican Republic.

She was arrested by Sussex police at Heathrow Airport on the basis of a warrant issued by the Metropolitan Police for allegedly sending malicious communications to her ex landlord. Following being detained, she was transferred to the custody of the Metropolitan Police.

The arrest occurred in the early hours of the Saturday morning resulting in the Claimant being detained over the weekend before being transported to Thames Valley Court.

The Claimant was then released without any charge and no further matters were brought in this case.

An admission of fault was given by the lawyers for the Metropolitan Police London in respect of false imprisonment for 45 hours and the case settled with the Claimant receiving significant compensation damages.

J -v- Chief Constable of Merseyside Police

The Claimant was arrested for dangerous driving and during the course of the arrest, it was alleged by the police that the Claimant assaulted the arresting police officer.

The Claimant was acquitted at Trial of all charges and subsequently brought a case against the police for Unlawful Arrest, Assault & Battery, Malicious Prosecution, False Imprisonment and breaches of Articles 3 and 5 of The Human Rights Act (Inhuman & Degrading Treatment Deprivation of Liberty respectively). 

In an out of Court settlement, The Claimant was awarded compensation damages which included damages for psychiatric injury supported by medical evidence from a Consultant Psychiatrist.

C (a minor Claimant) -v- Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police

The minor claimant was taken into custody whereby he was handcuffed with his hands behind his back. In an act constituting assault, CCTV from the Police Station showed the Claimant being lifted by his cuffed hands by a police officer.

A claim was brought for assault, battery, unlawful detention and false imprisonment.

In the absence of a correct offer of settlement, Court Proceedings were issued and compensation was paid to the Claimant in a case reported widely in the media and on television.

The police officer who occasioned the assault against the Claimant was prosecuted for Misconduct in a Public Office and later convicted at Bolton Crown Court.

C -v- Chief Constable of Merseyside Police

The Claimant was arrested with force in a bar whilst out with friends and when taken outside the bar and into the street, was forcibly pushed face down to the pavement by a police officer.

After being conveyed to the police station and placed into a holding cell, the Claimant was subjected to further assault .

A claim against The Chief Constable of Merseyside Police was commenced for unlawful arrest, assault and battery, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution

The Defendant Police Authority denied any wrongdoing and Court Proceedings were issued following which the Claimant was successful in his claim for compensation damages.

W -v- Chief Constable of Merseyside Police

The Claimant was injured in the course of a negative search of his home property.

Following the search, the Claimant was arrested and charged for assaulting one of the officers executing the search warrant.

The criminal prosecution was discontinued by the Crown Prosecution Service before the Trial was due to take place and the Claimant was exonerated from any wrongdoing.

The Claimant then brought a claim for Unlawful Arrest, Assault & Battery, False Imprisonment, Malicious Prosecution and Breach of The Human Rights Act with reference to Articles 3 (Degrading Treatment) & 5 (Deprivation of Liberty).

The Claimant was successful and received compensation damages in an out of Court settlement. 

C -v- The Chief Constable of North Wales Police

In this case brought against The Chief Constable of North Wales Police, damages were obtained following issuing court proceedings for the False Imprisonment arising from the arrest and detention of the Claimant by police officers.

The Claimant was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage. She was falsely imprisoned as 6 months had passed since the alleged commission of the alleged offence and therefore, there no prosecution is legally possible due to the limitation period having expired.

The Claimant was compensated for her having been falsely imprisoned and her subsequent loss of liberty.

B -v- The Chief Constable of Merseyside Police

The Claimant was in her garden when Police Officers caused her to sustain injuries when they entered through a side gate in the course of performing their duties.

The case was settled following a formal Part 36 offer by the Defendants Police Authority.

M -v- Cheshire Constabulary

The Claimant was arrested by a police officer on breach of an alleged non-molestation order.

After being released from custody, the Claimant successfully brought a claim against the defendant police constabulary on the grounds that he was in fact never correctly served with any alleged non molestation order.

As a result, the Claimant was therefore unlawfully detained and was successful in his claim receiving compensation for his loss of liberty at the hands of the arresting Constabulary.