What is family law?

Navigating family politics can be challenging at the best of times. When familial relationships break down, resolving disputes can become increasingly complex—particularly when money or children are involved. At this point, many families seek help from a legal professional who specialises in family law. A family law solicitor helps families negotiate and resolve issues or...Read More

Martha’s Rule: Peace of Mind made Legally Available.

What is Martha’s Rule? From April 2024, the NHS implemented the first phase of Martha’s Rule. This rule will allow patients, families, carers, and staff round the clock access to a rapid review from a second, separate care team if they are worried about an individual’s condition once fully implemented. It is essentially a legal...Read More

Rabot v Hassam – The Impact of Mixed Injuries in Personal Injury Claims following Road Traffic Accidents

Introduction: The Civil Liability Act 2018 and the Whiplash Injury Regulations 2021 brought into effect the Whiplash Reforms. These reforms introduced a tariff award for whiplash injuries following road traffic accidents on or after the 31st of May 2021; this being soft tissue injuries to an individual’s neck, back, and/or shoulders. A slightly increased tariff...Read More

What is Sepsis and How Can it be Treated?

What is Sepsis? Sepsis is your body’s response at fighting an untreated infection. Should an infection be present for too long, your immune system will produce an extreme response which will begin causing damage to its own tissues and organs. This condition is indiscriminate of any biological factors and can happen to anyone harbouring an...Read More

Understanding fundamental dishonesty in personal injury claims

If you are making a personal injury claim, it is important you are honest about your symptoms and losses. Don’t exaggerate them or make false statements. Claimants found guilty of being fundamentally dishonest with their personal injury claim can face severe consequences. This article will explain the concept fundamental dishonesty and how it could affect...Read More

Judicial College guidelines on personal injury

Determining the value of a personal injury claim can be a complicated process. Every case is different, and its unique circumstances must be taken into account. Legal practitioners use professional documentation and expert guidance to help them to navigate the process and ensure a just and fair result. One important resource is the Judicial College...Read More

What happens if I lose my personal injury claim?

Making a personal injury claim can be a highly stressful time for claimants. Chief among their worries is often the fear that their claim will fail, and this is often what can hold individuals back from seeking to make a claim in the first place. If you’re thinking of seeking legal help but wondering, ‘what...Read More

Settlement process for personal injury claims

Making a personal injury claim is something that many of us need never think about. Like many things, you only need to learn about the process when it suddenly becomes apparent you may need to make your own claim. The personal injury claim settlement process in the UK is generally straightforward but can be lengthy....Read More

How do you negotiate a higher personal injury settlement?

If you suffer an injury that is someone else’s fault, you are entitled to fair compensation. Financial compensation gained because of a personal injury claim can help you cover medical bills, loss of earnings, and emotional harm. However, reaching a satisfactory settlement isn’t always straightforward. This article will explain how the personal injury claims process...Read More

How to claim for personal injury after a car accident

Car accidents can leave pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers alike with injuries that range in severity from minor to life-changing. The distress caused by being involved in an incident can be overwhelming, and the situation further exacerbated by unexpected medical bills, loss of income due to the inability to work, the costs of vehicle repair, and...Read More