How to make sense of a loss of earnings claim

One area of law that always seems to lead to confusion is that of loss of earnings.  The process can at first look complicated and off-putting. It’s actually more straightforward than it first appears but there are some key points to consider. What is a loss of earnings claim? After injuries, loss of earnings can...Read More

The Myths About Personal Injury Claims

If you believe the headlines you might be forgiven for believing that we’re a nation that’s quick to claim compensation if we suffer a personal injury. In fact, all those adverts for companies encouraging people to make a claim are actually telling a different story. The personal injury market in the UK is fairly small and companies are chasing...Read More

How do I make an accident claim?

If you have suffered illness or injury as a result of an accident that wasn’t your fault, claiming the compensation you deserve could help ease financial worries and achieve closure. Types of accident you can claim compensation for Accidents happen in a variety of different settings and circumstances. You may have a case to claim...Read More

What Kinds of Industrial Disease Can I Claim For?

Industrial diseases are an unfortunately common occurrence in the workplace. At Mark Reynolds, our lawyers know that this shouldn’t be the case. We are here to help you and to fight your claims for compensation from negligent employers. Industrial diseases can take years to appear, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t claim for the injury...Read More

How to avoid accidents at work: A basic guide for employers

Any Health and Safety officer will tell you that the best way to reduce accidents in the workplace is to take a proactive stance of prevention. Accidents at work can be easily prevented, but it is mandatory that you consistently communicate your expectations to your employees on a regular basis to help implement these prevention...Read More

The Future of Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax is set to change, now that the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) has conducted a wide-ranging review into what is often seen as an unpopular tax. In theory, inheritance tax is charged at 40% on the value of an estate, once it is over the £325,000 inheritance tax allowance. In practice, however, many...Read More

How long do you have to claim after an accident at work?

Talk to Mark Reynolds Solicitors today if you have suffered following an accident at work that was not your fault. If the blame for the accident can be linked to someone else’s actions or negligence, there’s a sizeable chance we will be able to help you get compensation. In most cases, you will need to...Read More

The impact of a delayed cancer diagnosis

At Mark Reynolds Solicitors, we can provide the legal representation you are looking for if you have been affected by a delayed cancer diagnosis. If an opportunity for diagnosis has been missed and the cancer has developed further than it perhaps otherwise would have, it’s only right that you should decide to take legal action....Read More

No Win No Fee Explained

With no win no fee, you only need to pay for the legal services you have received if your claim is successful. No win no fee was first launched in the 1990s to encourage people with limited funds to make claims and get the compensation and justice they deserved. If you have been in an...Read More

Mark Reynolds Solicitors wins industry recognition

Mark Reynolds Solicitors, one of the North West’s most trusted law firms, has been awarded Top Personal Injury Lawyers and Top Medical Negligence Lawyers in Warrington by Threebestrated. In addition, they have been awarded Top Medical Lawyers and Top Employment Lawyers in Liverpool. This news comes just as the company celebrates its 10-year anniversary. Mark Reynolds...Read More