Are e-scooters Legal in the UK?

E-scooters are becoming more common on the UK’s roads. Seen as a sustainable alternative to car travel they are being backed by governments across the world as a means to tackle congestion and reduce carbon emissions in towns and cities. As a relatively new means of transport and with some public concern about the possibility...Read More

What can a lasting power of attorney do?

With life expectancy increasing many more of us will face challenges to our physical and mental capacity as we grow older. The Alzheimer’s Society estimates that, as of 2021, there are around 1 million people in the UK suffering from dementia, with that figure likely to steadily increase in the future. Lasting Power of Attorney...Read More

What you need to know before making a prescription error claim

Millions of prescriptions are administered in the UK every day. In most cases, the highly trained and professional people who administer these drugs ensure that everything is done correctly. Patients receive the correct drugs and are able to start or continue a course of required medication. Errors do, however, happen. In fact, studies have found...Read More

How to establish fault in a defective product claim

When we purchase a new product, we have every right to expect that it will reach us in perfect condition. It should be box fresh, and, most importantly, safe to use. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes product standards can slip through the safety checks and end up on the shelves. While in...Read More

How Covid19 affects cancer diagnosis

The Covid-19 pandemic that has taken hold of the world since early 2020 has created an unprecedented set of challenges to the way we live and work. The delivery of healthcare has been no exception. While health planners, medical specialists and government officials have rightly been focused on reducing the transmission of the virus, it...Read More

What are the effects of making a medical negligence claim?

For most people with little or no understanding of the law, the whole area of medical negligence can seem complicated, even a little daunting. It can put people off pursuing claims, even when they feel they have a legitimate reason to make one. They might feel it’s financially prohibitive to make a claim, or that...Read More

How does the Hardship Fund work for victims of criminal injury?

If we become a victim of criminal injury it can have serious consequences for our financial as well as our physical health. If you are relatively low-paid and find yourself unable to work the impact can be considerable. If your injuries are not deemed serious enough to qualify you for Criminal Injury Compensation, are unable...Read More

How can a personal injury solicitor help me?

If you find yourself injured in an accident through no fault of your own, you may be able to claim compensation for what happened. Personal injury claims are not about receiving a windfall but are instead designed to help restore your quality of life to how it was before the accident, and the resulting injury....Read More

How to know if you have an iron infusions medical negligence claim

Over recent years the practice of administering medical iron infusions have come under closer scrutiny from both the media and medical professionals. They are prescribed to help treat and prevent iron deficiency anaemia. Occasionally, however, there can be issues with how the infusion is administered. When it goes wrong the effects can be long-lasting. When...Read More