Amputation & Limb Loss

Mark Reynolds Solicitors understand that life after amputation will never be the same again.

Coming to terms with such a life-changing event can be hard and not something that you should have to face on your own. Amputation may be as a direct result of an accident or could occur as a result of infection, disease or even medical negligence.

How Mark Reynolds can help

At Mark Reynolds Solicitors, we understand that life after amputation or limb loss will never be the same again. Amputation may be as a direct result of an accident, or might occur as a result of infection, disease, and in some instances, medical negligence.

Our experienced team of specialist injury solicitors have decades of experience. We’ve acted for clients involved in motorcycle, heavy industry, agricultural and other road traffic accidents. Over the years we’ve developed a depth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to acting for amputees.

As well, as amputation as a result of an accident, we have experience representing those whose limb loss was a result of negligent medical treatment. This can include treatment for an injury that led to infection, vascular conditions or a delay in diagnosis or misdiagnosis of a condition such as a bone tumour or meningitis.

As specialists in serious injury claims, we have the systems and contacts in place to make sure that we are there for you every stage of your claim, right from the first phone call or hospital visit, through to helping you move on with your life after we have settled your compensation claim.

In fact, we know that compensation, whilst important, may well not even be at the forefront of your mind following the accident.

Our experience and links with various rehabilitation organisations and professionals means we can be there for you from the start, making sure you get the treatment and expert advice you need, just when you need it most.

Naturally, when the time comes and you are ready to bring your personal injury compensation claim against those responsible, one of our specialist and highly qualified catastrophic injury solicitors will be there for you to handle all the legal aspects of your claim.

We appreciate you will need expert legal advice and medical rehabilitation which is 100% focused on you and your family’s needs.

We also know that the future will feel uncertain for you. Again, our extensive experience means we can consider all your future needs and requirements, from medical treatment, employment options to modifications to your home or arranging alternative transport.

We will make sure that you secure all the compensation you require to ensure that all your needs for the future will be met.

Working together to secure the support and compensation you need

We understand that what happens in the early days after an amputation or limb loss can have a dramatic impact on the success or otherwise of your recovery. Having looked at your case if we conclude that you are entitled to amputation compensation, we will arrange for an independent needs assessment as soon as possible. This will be carried out with third party insurers. 

We will use the Rehabilitation Code and ensure that any alterations to your home that are required take place in a timely manner. We’ll also work to secure a supply of suitable equipment to enable you to lead as independent a life as possible, as quickly as possible.

At an early stage, interim payments may be available to help address some of the financial challenges that amputation and limb loss can present. This can allow you to focus on your rehabilitation and rebuilding your life without financial worries hanging over you.

Because we understand that recovering from amputation is a complex and involved process, we have built good working relationships with leading experts in the field. To ensure that the consequences of your injury have been fully investigated, we will work with a range of specialists and experts in their field. This may include:

  • Prosthetic experts
  • Orthopaedic surgeon
  • Consultant psychiatrist
  • Architect
  • Rehabilitation specialists
  • Occupational therapist
  • Employment consultant

In relation to medical negligence, an expert in your condition and the procedure that led to the amputation will be consulted. All of the experts who are consulted will be expected to review their findings with you. Any essential treatment may be organised on a private basis. Working together we will create a plan for how to move forward.

Different types of amputation claims

There are a range of different components that can be included within an overall compensation claim. These might include:

Cost of prosthetics

As the lifespan of a prosthetic limb is usually around 5 years, the cost of a number of limbs over a lifetime can be considerable so it will frequently make it the single largest aspect of any claim. This might include the cost of everyday prosthetic limbs as well as specific prosthetics for particular sports and hobbies, as well any associated maintenance costs.

General damages

These refer to the pain and suffering an individual has been exposed to, as well as a loss of amenity. Currently, compensation awards for general damages range in the region of £15,000 for the loss of a finger rising to £250,000 for the loss of both legs.

Care and support costs

As a result of your amputation you may need assistance with carrying out day to day tasks, such as cooking, cleaning and shopping. These claims may be time limited to a few months post-amputation or might be projected for life depending on the individual’s particular needs and circumstances.

Occupational therapy and rehabilitation

An aspect of a claim may include the cost of any occupational therapy or rehabilitation required that is contracted privately.

Moving or adaptation costs

In some cases, it may be essential for someone to move home. If someone lives on the third floor or can no longer comfortably manage stairs, then adaptation may be essential. When adaptation isn’t a realistic option then a claim will be made to cover the cost of moving. Vehicle adaptation may also be essential.

Loss of earning and pension

Loss of past, present and future earnings will also be taken into account. Every individual’s circumstance in this regard will be different. This aspect of any claim can be complex and will involve a range of calculations. This particularly applies in terms of loss of pension rights as regards private and state pension. We will liaise with specialists in this area to find a detailed and accurate figure. 

Other financial losses and expenses

This can include a range of associated costs and expenses, such as mobility aids, specialist fitness equipment, mobility vehicles and travel costs for treatment and rehabilitation.

Provisional damages

This is sometimes known as ‘future risk of amputation’ and can apply to an injured limb that’s at risk of being amputated due to infection or deterioration.

What compensation might I receive?

The exact amount of compensation that anyone will receive depends on a wide range of variables and the different elements of the claim.

As a guideline, here are some of the figures that you might receive for different types of amputation claim:

  • A below-knee: £83,550.00 – £109,570.00
  • An above-knee amputation: £78,100.00 – £106,010.00
  • Loss of both legs below the knee: £160,600.00 to £215,310.00
  • Loss of both arms: £191,950.00 – £239,140.00
  • Loss of one arm above the elbow: £87,410.00 – £104,370.00
  • Loss of a little finger: £6,890.00 – £9,760.00

This should only be taken as a guideline and our specialist injury compensation solicitors can offer up to date advice about the likely compensation amounts for different types of injury.

How to make a claim

To make a successful amputation or limb loss claim it needs to be proven that the accident was caused by somebody else’s negligence or mistake. This can be a challenging requirement to meet, so it’s important to seek professional advice as early in the process as possible.

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