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If you have suffered from a personal injury caused by an accident that was someone else’s fault, our no-win no-fee accident claims and injury solicitors in Liverpool, Leigh, Runcorn & Warrington will be able to help you with compensation. As proud members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, we’ll help you get started on the road to recovery.

How Can Compensation Help You?

If you suffer from an injury that is the result of an accident, it can have long-term consequences for both you and your family.

An injury or illness at work can mean loss of earnings. Some injuries can mean you are unable to return to work at all. This is then likely to impact on your own lifestyle and that of any dependents you have.

When we work with you to make an accident claim, we will ensure you get the maximum compensation, which will:

  • Repay you for lost earnings due to your accident, and can cover future lost earnings if you must take further time off sick or are unable to return to work
  • Pay for any private medical treatment, to speed up your recovery
  • Cover any expenses you would otherwise not have had to pay, such as the cost of travelling to hospital appointments.
  • Reflect the amount of pain, injury, discomfort and inconvenience you have suffered as a result of someone’s else’s negligence or actions.

How Much Compensation Can You Claim?

Individual circumstances vary, but the main principle is that the amount of compensation you can claim should be proportionate to the extent of your injury.

Therefore, the more severe your injury is, and the greater its overall effect, the more you could receive as compensation.

A specialist accident claims solicitor will be able to calculate the appropriate compensation figure you can claim for, based on a sound understanding of your situation.

Our Expert Accident Claims Team

To ensure you get the compensation you need, we have an expert accident claims team, covering the Liverpool, Leigh, Runcorn and Warrington areas.

They are specialists in accident claims, helping people navigate their way smoothly through the whole process.

Two key aspects to this are: who is to blame for your accident and therefore your injury; and what evidence there is to prove this liability.

The solicitor we provide you with will support your accident claim every step of the way, explaining what evidence and proof you will need to provide and guiding you through the entire process.

We make this as easy for you to understand as possible, so that you are always clear about what is going on and where everything is up to as your accident claim progresses.

We want to make sure that when you claim you will receive the best compensation possible, and that you get the right support to help you recover from your injuries or ill health.

How Long Will It Take?

The compensation process will be different depending on the nature of the accident, the extent of your injury, and other circumstances, including the actions of the person or organisation you are making your claim against.

Some more complex personal and car accident claims can take time to reach a settlement. However, if you are struggling to pay the bills because you are not able to work, or if you need private treatment to help you to recover more quickly, then we can ask the court to give you some of your compensation early. This can help you with your immediate needs.

Our specialist accident claims solicitors have assisted thousands of clients in claiming compensation for a whole range of reasons and circumstances, including:

We are no-win no-fee solicitors, here to help you.

What is No-win No-fee?

What can deter many people from making an accident claim, even if they think it is justified, is the thought of how much it might cost them to do this.

Legal help can be expensive. However, the idea of no-win no-fee put people in a much better position to make a claim for compensation, because they are not having to pay any money up front.

This gives you a fair chance of getting the expert help you need to make your claim, even if you have not got the funds.

What no-win no-fee means is that if the solicitor or law firm does not win your case, you will not have to pay their fees.

Why is No-Win No-Fee Risk-Free for You?

This is an agreement between you and us. We are willing to offer you our services and to cover all legal aspects to do with your claim.

You will not have to pay for anything upfront.

In effect, this makes your accident claim for compensation risk-free for you.

We take on the risk for you, and in return we would expect you to pay a fee if we win your case. This will be in your conditional fee agreement (CFA).

You will only pay our fees if you claim your compensation successfully.

These costs are part of the CFA, and are usually a percentage of the compensation you are awarded.

We will make everything clear before you decide to use our services, so you will know what to expect and what you might eventually have to pay for.

Where Does the Compensation Come From?

If your accident claim is successful, then the main part of the money you are awarded will come from the other party’s insurance company.

Your contribution is limited to the percentage you agree in advance with us.

What Happens When You Make an Accident Claim?

We will have an initial consultation with you to assess your situation and to go over any documents you can supply.

If we decide to take your case on a no-win no-fee basis, we will then go through the details of the CFA.

A successful claim will depend on proving that an accident caused your injury and identifying that someone else is responsible for it.

The evidence you supply will need to show the extent of your injuries. This is normally a medical report.

You may need more than one report and prognosis if, for example, you undergo treatment such as physiotherapy for your injury.

Other evidence may include: photographs of your injuries and of the location of the incident where the accident occurred; written police reports and, where applicable, documents from witnesses to the incident.

The nature of this evidence will depend on the type of accident.

Photographic evidence can be especially valuable where you have had an accident at a specific location, such as falling in a pothole, or slipping on an untreated surface.

Where your injuries have come from a road traffic accident, you may need to provide a drawn diagram showing your understanding of the positions of the different vehicles involved.

Keeping Records

If you are making an accident claim, it is important to keep a record of what has happened.

This should include any letters you receive that relate to your accident, and any other relevant documents.

If your claim involves covering any expenses or loss of earnings, you should keep copies of receipts, payslips and invoices.

You should also include any written evidence relating to help from family members as a result of your accident, such as help with shopping or hospital trips.

It can be helpful to keep a diary of events, and you should also keep a record of all relevant telephone calls, for example, with your GP, your workplace or anyone else involved in your accident or its repercussions.

Negotiating Your Accident Claim

If the defendant (who you are claiming from) decides to settle, their legal representatives will make an offer of a financial settlement.

Usually this happens after both parties have disclosed evidence, though sometimes an offer comes before this happens.

It is then up to our specialist team of no-win no-fee solicitors to advise you on whether to accept or to negotiate.

We consider important aspects of your claim, such as whether the defendant has accepted liability and what kind of evidence we have to support your claim.

If you reject the offer, then the next stage will be either further negotiation or the claim going to court.

What Happens if Your Claim Goes to Court?

We will advise you if we need to issue court proceedings.

This may either mean that the defendant’s side then makes another settlement offer, or that your claim goes to court.

If this happens the court will issue a timetable. At this stage, it is still quite possible that your case will be settled before any official hearing.

If, however, at this stage there is still no settlement then your case will be heard in court.

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