Pre-Nuptial Agreements

The law on pre-nuptial agreements is one of uncertainty. However we are able to assist and guide you. The nature of the modern day relationship is changing dramatically and we appreciate the need for certainty. Whilst pre-nuptial agreements are not strictly enforceable or legally binding they can form the basis of a financial agreement after a marriage breaks down.

We can provide you with appropriate advice and draw up a pre-nuptial agreement if required.

A pre-cohabitation agreement sets out financial, property and children arrangements for couples who intend to live together without getting married and what will happen if their relationship ends in the future. Whilst it is preferable to prepare such an agreement before the cohabitation begins one can still be drawn up at any time during the relationship for example when the parties purchase a property or have children.

An unmarried couple do not automatically have the same rights as a married couple if their relationship ends so a cohabitation agreement will provide for more certainty and protection for both parties.

It is important to consider your needs for the future if your relationship ends. We appreciate that this is a very sensitive time and that you need to plan ahead. We can provide you with appropriate advice and draw up a cohabitation agreement for you if required.

If you need legal advice in relation to a divorce or the breakdown of a relationship and the financial consequences of such, or if you were involved in a dispute over future child arrangements, or if you have been the victim of domestic violence or controlling behaviour or if you wish to change your own or the children’s names then contact our Family Law department on 0800 002 9577. You could also contact us by filling out the contact form on our website. We will provide you with initial advice to point you in the right direction.