Change of Name

Are you considering a change of name?

In today’s modern world, more people than are opting to change their names, often due to life events like divorce, adoption, marriage, or civil partnership.

At Mark Reynolds Solicitors, our expert change of name solicitors are here to guide you through every step of the process.

From offering advice tailored to your unique circumstances to drafting your change of name deed, we can help you transition seamlessly from one name to another. We also advise which official documents you must produce during the deed poll process.

With our support, you can change your name quickly, efficiently, and with minimal fuss or hassle.

We also offer free, no-obligation initial consultations.

So, if you require guidance on changing your or your child’s name, call us today on 0800 002 9577.

What is a deed poll?

A deed poll, sometimes called a change of name deed, is the legal document used to change a person’s name.

At Mark Reynolds Solicitors, our change of name solicitors can advise you on the official documents necessary to change your name by deed poll according to your specific circumstances.

We then swiftly and efficiently draft the change of name deed, ensuring all legal requirements are met with precision and care.

Are there any restrictions when changing my name?

You can change your, or your child’s, name in any way you want, as long as you are not making the change for a fraudulent or illegal reason.

You may change either the whole name, or part of it.

This includes changing the spelling, adding or removing names or hyphens, or completely changing the name—it’s up to you.

How can I change a child’s name?

Many parents wish to change their child’s birth name if they get married or divorced.

You may also wish to change a child’s name if you gain parental responsibility for them or adopt them.

To change a child’s name, you must have parental responsibility for them.

If multiple people have parental responsibility, then you usually need the consent of everyone involved to change the child’s name.

However, it’s possible in certain circumstances to change a child’s name without everyone’s permission by applying to the court for a specific issue order.

If you cannot agree with a co-parent about your child’s name, contact our team of change of name solicitors to discuss the circumstances in more detail and find out what your options are.

How do I change my name after marriage, divorce, or entering or dissolving a civil partnership?

If you’re getting married or entering a civil partnership, you don’t usually require a deed poll to change your name.

Instead, all you need to do is submit your marriage or civil partnership certificate to the relevant authorities, and your name will be updated.

However, you may require a deed poll if you wish to change your name after a divorce or civil partnership dissolution.

Why choose Mark Reynolds Change of Name Solicitors?

At Mark Reynolds Solicitors, we prioritise transparency and affordability by offering fixed fees for preparing change of name deeds for adults and children.

Our commitment to providing tailored solutions means that you’ll receive the most appropriate advice for your unique circumstances.

With offices based in Liverpool, Runcorn, Warrington, and Leigh, our experienced team has helped countless individuals in the North West to change their names.

No matter which part of the deed poll process you require help with, contact our office by calling 0800 002 9577 or filling out the contact form on the right to arrange a free, no-obligation initial consultation.