Abuse Claims & Sexual Abuse Claims

abuse claims

Peace of mind is hard to find at the best of times. This is especially true for those who have suffered from physical, psychological, or sexual abuse.

Typically, these incidents cause ripple effects throughout an individual’s life. Some examples include trouble with forming relationships in one’s adult life. Thankfully, people who have never spoken about their abuse have now been able to work towards a brighter future.

If you ever suffered abuse or if you have a child or partner who has in the past, now is the time for you to join others in claiming compensation. As well as being able to start the healing process after the upheaval you have encountered, it will also enable you to put this event behind you to enjoy the rest of your life.

Here at Mark Reynolds Solicitors, we have helped hundreds of men and women to secure financial compensation for the abuse they suffered. We have helped them find closure over these distressing and damaging chapters of their lives.

An overwhelming number of claims for compensation never make it to court. These are settled behind closed doors. Awards can be made on the basis of lost earnings, the cost of therapy, medical bills and treatment, travel expenses, and the cost incurred by others when supporting you.

Whatever your situation, however long ago the abuse occurred, we will assist you throughout the process; you are not alone.

Abuse occurs in any number of ways. Whatever your own circumstances, we will tailor our service to your needs.  Every application for compensation is dealt with individually by the courts.

Why choose Mark Reynolds Solicitors?

With offices located throughout the North West, we are available to meet at a place and time of your choosing to ensure your comfort and safety. This care and dedication continues throughout the time you spend with us. During our introductory consultation, we will give you an initial appraisal of the compensation and prosecution options available. More importantly, we will provide you with sensitive, thorough, and professional advice.

We have represented hundreds of people who suffered in silence. You are safe in our hands as we are highly skilled at successfully prosecuting abusers including high-profile individuals and organisations.

At Mark Reynolds, we understand how challenging it is to open up to loved ones about difficult episodes in your life. The prospect of going to court for a trial may make you especially worried and uncertain. Our dedicated team of solicitors have devoted their careers to successfully helping victims throughout the process. No matter how seemingly daunting or complicated.

Your identity, address and any other important details will be kept confidential. If your claim for compensation does go to court, your permission is always sought before any details are shared with authorised parties such as the defendant, their solicitors, insurers, any independent medical experts used to support your case and to court staff.  We will be at your side throughout the process to advise and represent you.

To secure the necessary evidence to support our case and bring about the best possible outcome for yourself, we can call on experts who are renowned in their respective fields.

We are here to help with any questions you might have about possible abuse compensation. Call us on 0800 002 9577 to speak to one of our specialists. Start claiming your life back today.