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Personal Injury Claims

From the number of personal injury claims adverts we’re exposed to on a near daily basis, you’d be forgiven for thinking that our culture is becoming compensation-hungry. Interestingly, however, research tells another story.  A survey conducted earlier this year by YouGov showed that 25% of people who suffered personal injury in an incident that was not their fault, had pursued a claim, a fall from 29% in 2013.

Respondents gave a number of reasons for not making a claim although the most common (35%) was that they thought their injuries were not bad enough to warrant compensation. In total, 9% didn’t think their case was strong enough to win, 22% said they didn’t believe in claiming compensation and 5% were concerned about the costs they would incur in making the claim. 

Sean Devlin, specialist personal injury lawyer at Mark Reynolds Solicitors, says the downturn in the number of people likely to make a personal injury claim is probably caused by changes to the Legal Aid system.  Legal Aid is no longer available for personal injury claims.  Instead, successful claimants are able to reclaim their legal costs from the at-fault party.

Sean Devlin said: “People who have suffered a personal injury and who think they may have a case to claim compensation should seek professional advice.  As experienced personal injury solicitors our expert team can help people assess the likelihood of winning their case.”