family law

Keep It in the Family

The one area of our lives where it sometimes seems the rule of law can never prevail is in the family. Any kind of sharing of chores or access to the bathroom can seem beyond reason. Just insert a teenager and watch as all your rules and routines are cast asunder. But then, sadly for many, that’s not what family law is all about.

Love and Hate

It hardly needs saying that family disputes can be a fraught area where passions run high. This is the case at the best of times, but we often turn to family law only at the worst. Sometimes it takes the best expertise and a fair dose of compassion to deal with family problems. And even then it can only go so far in resolving a desperate situation. Nothing can ever entirely sweeten the bitter taste when family life turns sour.

The End of the Affair

It’s usually most associated with relationship breakdowns. You need help with a divorce and childcare, parental access, and grandparents’ rights too. It’s usually best to try and resolve differences outside court, where a family lawyer can lead caring and tactful mediation session. But if reasoned negotiation has long gone by the board they can help speed that process too.

You Can Choose Your Friends…

It’s not just relationships that can end up in court. Good legal advice can be used in other difficult and emotional areas including domestic violence and abuse cases, but can be applied in more positive ways as well. This might include sorting out financial matters such as securing Aunty Ethel’s surprisingly large inheritance, adopting a child to turn your life upside down, or increasingly, negotiating a pre-nuptial agreement to save all that arguing over who gets custody of the cactus and the goldfish later on.

Whatever the problem, it always serves to consult the best expertise, so be sure to find a professional and reliable family law solicitor before trying to resolve these complex problems.

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