Family Law Solicitors Leigh

Do you live in Leigh and need guidance with a family law issue or help resolving a family dispute?

At Mark Reynolds Solicitors, our team of specialist family law solicitors in Leigh offers confidential and compassionate family law services.

We’ve already helped countless people from the town to resolve family law issues and are proud to be one of the North West’s leading law firms.

Our approach focuses on minimising conflict and ensuring the wellbeing of the whole family, especially when children are involved.

We understand the importance of resolving family disputes amicably and always prioritise the best interests of the child.

We strive to always resolve family law issues outside of court through negotiations or mediation whenever possible to minimise the stress, time, and expense associated with court proceedings.

However, should the need arise, we are fully prepared to represent your interests in court.

What family law services do we offer?

Our team offers the full spectrum of family law services.

No matter what family law issue you’re facing, we can provide you with the guidance and support you need. Our family law services include:

  • Divorce and judicial separation – We can guide you through the process of filing for a divorce or judicial separation and resolving disputes regarding asset division or child arrangements.
  • Civil partnerships – We provide legal guidance on the formation and dissolution of civil partnerships.
  • Child arrangements – We assist in negotiating arrangements for where and with whom a child will live and spend time.
  • Domestic violence – We provide discrete, compassionate, and urgent legal assistance to protect you and your child from domestic abuse.
  • Grandparents’ and relatives’ rights – We advocate for the rights of extended family members to maintain a relationship with children.
  • Change of name – We can guide you through the legal process of changing your or your child’s name.
  • Parental responsibility – We help establish legal recognition for parental rights and responsibilities.
  • Pre-nuptial and pre-cohabitation agreements – We can draft legal agreements to protect your assets before marriage or cohabitation.
  • Mediation – We offer mediation and negotiation services to help you resolve disputes without going to court.

Why choose Mark Reynolds’ family law solicitors Leigh?

As one of the North West’s leading law firms, we are committed to helping our clients achieve the best possible outcomes.

We work on a no-win, no-fee basis to offer peace of mind and ensure our services are accessible to all.

So, if you require help or advice on a family law matter, call our Leigh branch on 01942 260 228.

Alternatively, you can visit our office, which is conveniently located in the centre of Leigh on the corner of Bedford Street on Bradshawgate, for a free and confidential consultation.