E-scooter Accidents and Injury

Electric scooters or e-scooters are becoming an increasingly common feature of our roads after being legalised for rental use in July 2020.

They are supported by national and local governments as providing an alternative means of transport to the car and they are a convenient means to travel short distances mostly in urban areas.

However, users of an e scooter are often vulnerable and at risk from motorists who often don’t pay attention to the nature of the e scooter and the fact that they should be given complete protection from harm whilst sharing our roads.

As expert and specialist personal injury solicitors, Mark Reynolds Solicitors are instructed by e scooter users who have become the victim of an accident whilst using e scooters as a result of negligent motorists.

Our solicitors will assist with claims for personal injury when an accident has occurred.

What to do if you are in an e-scooter accident?

As with other forms of personal injury it’s possible to make a compensation claim if you’re involved in an accident. The compensation that you could be awarded may help to cover the cost of any extra medical treatment you required outside of the NHS, any potential loss of earnings as well as the repair or replacement of your e-scooter.

If you are involved in an accident involving an e-scooter, firstly, you should ensure that you receive any immediate medical treatment you require. Then, to increase your chances of making a successful compensation claim, there are a few steps you can take.

As soon as possible you should report your incident to the police. This is particularly important if the driver is responsible and fled the scene of the incident. You should take down the names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses to the accident. Then you should photograph the scene, including what caused the accident if it was a pothole, road or pavement defect, or other item of street furniture.

You should also photograph any damage that was done to the vehicles involved and make notes of your own account of the incident as soon as possible.

Remember, the more information, detail and evidence you can provide, the greater the chance of your claim being successful. As well as any physical injury you receive, any psychological injury can also be taken into account.

E-scooter riders can also have collisions with potholes, uneven pavements, road defects and other street furniture. As a result, the range of injuries that riders suffer can vary widely and our solicitors will deal with compensation claims relating to the various type of injuries that unfortunately may have been suffered.

How can Mark Reynolds help?

If you’ve been involved in an accident involving an e-scooter the experienced team of expert and specialist personal injury solicitors at Mark Reynolds solicitors may be able to help.

We can give confidential and impartial advice about any potential claim. Should you then decide to pursue a compensation claim we can give you the best possible chance of a successful outcome.

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