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Employment is a complex constantly changing area of law, so it can be difficult to understand your rights as an employee when you aren’t fully aware of the terms and conditions of your employment in the first place. Understanding your rights can seem like a daunting task but Mark Reynolds Solicitors fully understand this and are dedicated to easing your stress through a worrying and uncertain time.

Mark Reynolds Solicitors Leigh is one of the few firms in Leigh that who specialise in advising and helping employees who have suffered in the workplace. As such we are uniquely equipped to advise you on all kinds of Employment Law related problems, we understand that no two situations are the same and we will listen and discuss all the various paths we can take when dealing with your issues. Our Leigh Solicitors offer a comprehensive and practical range of advice on simple and complex Employment Law issues and we will do our best to understand your needs.

Our initial assessment of your claim is free and our expert solicitors will be able to tell you whether your case has a solid ground to work on, so if you are unsure about your claim get in touch with us. It doesn’t cost anything to find out!

Our expert solicitors and advisers in Leigh are ready to help you through any employment issues you are having. We offer services in the following areas:

  • A dispute with an employer or an unfair dismissal – Employees who have been threatened or had their employment terminated in unfair circumstances.
  • Discrimination – Employees who have faced discrimination or issues concerning their sexual orientation, race, gender or religion.
  • Wage disputes and redundancy rights –  Employees who haven’t been receiving the correct pay, or matters concerning redundancy that violate their rights as employees.
  • Maternity and paternity rights – Employees who have had issues concerning maternity pay/leave and those who aren’t receiving the correct treatment when considering returning to work.


Employment Law Leigh Mark Reynolds Solicitors

Here at Mark Reynolds Solicitors Leigh, we believe that everyone deserves to be fairly treated in the workplace, but from time to time things can go wrong and you may be left feeling the stress and pressure of a relationship breaking down or even the risk of losing your job. We here at Mark Reynolds understand your rights and if you’re involved in a disagreement at work, you can turn to us to help fight your corner and get you what you deserve. You can talk to us in complete confidence and gain reassurance from our expert and friendly Solicitors who will assess every possible area of your problem in order to maximise your chances of having a successful claim.

When you face difficulties in the workplace we think it’s natural to want to know where you stand and what your rights are, therefore our in-depth Employment Law knowledge will benefit you greatly and offer you peace of mind. We will explain everything simply and clearly, and you will never feel rushed, you can put 100% of your trust into us here at Mark Reynolds Leigh Solicitors.

For more information or advice about what the Employment Law team in Leigh can do for you please fill and send the contact form at the top right and we will get back to you as soon as we can, or for a quicker response, you can call us at our Leigh branch on 01942 260 228. You can also read our page about Employment Law which contains some FAQ on the subject.

How to find us:
Mark Reynolds Solicitors are located at 115 Bradshawgate, about 10 minutes walk from the Leigh town hall, our postcode for your satnav is WN7 4ND. Our hours of business are 8:45 a.m to 5 p.m Monday to Friday.

Areas we offer our Employment Law services:

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