Employee Services

We deal with every type of work-related issue faced by employees – including disciplinary issues, grievances, dismissals, redundancies and discrimination. We are extremely experienced in pursuing successful Employment Tribunal claims.

We advise on every aspect of employment law, from working hours, holiday pay disputes, breach of contract, time off for caring for dependents, minimum wage issues, grievance and disciplinary matters, maternity rights, dismissal, redundancy and discrimination at work.

We can also provide you with professional representation in the Employment Tribunal should this be necessary. We have a proven track record of bringing successful Tribunal claims, challenging unfair decisions by way of mediation and recovering any wages, holiday pay and notice pay that you are due. We are highly experienced in resolving such claims successfully and efficiently.

Our employment team have a wealth of experience and have successfully represented clients in the following types of employment matters:

  • Age discrimination
  • Breach of contract
  • Compromise agreements
  • Disability discrimination
  • Flexible working and part-time worker claims
  • Harassment and Victimisation
  • Pregnancy and maternity discrimination
  • Holiday pay disputes
  • Race discrimination

Many people do not realise if they have been discriminated against, or if they have a valid claim even when they have been treated unfairly at work. If you have any queries, contact us on 01928 560 022 for a no-obligation consultation to see if we can assist you.