Medical Negligence Solicitors Widnes

Widnes benefits from professional healthcare services that pride themselves in maintaining exceptional medical standards.

However, despite their best efforts, errors do sometimes occur.

While rare, medical negligence can have a profound impact on the patient, sometimes resulting in physical, emotional and psychological harm.

At Mark Reynolds Solicitors, our team of specialist medical negligence solicitors in Widnes have helped countless clients from the town to secure the compensation they deserve.

What are the different types of medical negligence?

Our medical negligence solicitors in Widnes are experienced in dealing with various medical negligence issues, from GP errors to hospital errors.

Cases can involve misdiagnosis, delayed treatment, or inadequate care. If your healthcare experience has not met the required standards, you could make a compensation claim for medical negligence.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of medical negligence claims we receive.

NHS compensation

The NHS is notoriously overworked and understaffed. Despite its dedication to healthcare excellence, things do sometimes still go wrong. Common NHS medical negligence claims include misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, surgical errors, and prescription mistakes. If you suspect you experienced negligence while being treated by the NHS, our Widnes medical negligence solicitors are here to offer comprehensive legal advice.

GP treatment

In Widnes, your GP is usually your first port of call if you have any healthcare concerns. However, even at this initial stage, negligence can occur, leading to complications such as misdiagnosis or incorrect treatment. At Mark Reynolds Solicitors, our specialists have many years of experience navigating the complexities of GP-related negligence claims.

Accident and Emergency (A&E)

Accident and Emergency departments are incredibly high-pressure environments where quick decisions are critical. Unfortunately, this can also lead to errors. If you’ve suffered due to mistakes made in A&E, our legal team can help you to pursue a claim.

Dental treatment

Dental negligence can occur when the care provided by dentists, dental surgeons, or orthodontic specialists falls below acceptable standards. This can include improper dental work, delayed diagnosis of oral diseases, incorrect or unnecessary treatments, and failure to manage infections or complications properly. If you’ve suffered due to dental medical negligence, Mark Reynolds Solicitors can guide you through the process of making a claim.

Other types of medical negligence claims that we commonly deal with include those relating to pregnancy, childbirth, cancer treatment, and Cauda Equina Syndrome.

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