Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Injury

Do I have a claim?

It is key when pursuing a claim to obtain good advice from experienced and specialised personal injury solicitors. Even if you feel partially responsible for the accident you may still have a good claim. Our solicitors will take all the details and carefully advise you as to whether you may be entitled to compensation. We are often successful in cases which other solicitors have turned down.

What needs to be proved to win my case?

Before legal action can be brought two aspects of a test (‘liability’ and ‘causation’) must be established.


This refers to proving that the treatment/service fell below the standard of a reasonably competent practitioner/service provider.


It also necessary to establish causation. This means that there must be a link between the substandard treatment/service and the injury suffered. Showing that the treatment/service you received was negligent is not sufficient to make a claim. You must also show that the negligence caused damage.

Liability and causation must be established on the “Balance of Probability” i.e. more likely than not.

How much will I have to pay?

Nothing. We take on a No Win No Fee arrangement and when we win we recover our fees from the other side. We can also advise you as to insurance arrangements against being liable for the other side’s legal fees. If we were to not win your case, you would still not have to pay for our service.

How much compensation will I obtain?

This varies with the severity of the accident or injury. We will claim for the injury, pain and suffering you have experienced and also for the cost of medical expenses. We also claim for other financial losses due to the accident, for example, loss of earnings.

How long will my claim take?

Our solicitors are extremely diligent in pursuing your claim and will make progress quickly. However, it is important to establish the long-term prognosis and effects of your accident or injury in order to obtain maximum compensation. We will not settle until the full long-term effects of the accident have become fully known.