Head & Brain Injury

Mark Reynolds Solicitors understands that an accident resulting in any kind of head or brain injury will be a traumatic event….not only for you, but also for those around you such as friends and family.

It is important to remember that head and brain injuries are not always obvious and don’t have to have been sustained from a catastrophic accident.

Symptoms to look out for after an accident can range from subtle changes in mood, poor concentration and memory loss, right through to permanent brain damage and physical disability.

Mark Reynolds Solicitors has extensive experience in guiding you through these life-changing injuries. We understand that your claim will not just be all about compensation, particularly at the start when you’re probably more concerned with your injuries and getting the best treatment as soon as possible. Did you know that Mark Reynolds Solicitors may be able to secure a programme of rehabilitation and medical treatment for you, paid for by the other side’s insurance company even if they haven’t agreed to accept responsibility for the accident?

Our expert personal injury solicitors do understand that it will be important to recover all the compensation you will need to equip you and your family to face the future together. Apart from being experts on recovering maximum personal injury compensation awards, our dedicated solicitors will advise you on securing compensation to cover the costs of all your future needs, whether it be medical treatment, nursing care, equipment, transport or even future loss of earnings or the cost of modifying your home.

Whether you have suffered an impact to the head following an accident at work, public place, road traffic accident or assault, or even if you or your family has noticed a change in you following a medical or cosmetic procedure, get in touch and one of our experienced personal injury solicitors will be on hand to meet with you and make your personal injury compensation claim our priority.