Wills and Probate Solicitors Widnes

None of us know what life has in store for us and talking about what happens when we die is always difficult. Making a will is one way to feel more confident about the future knowing that your wishes will be enacted and your loved ones provided for when you’re gone.

Making a will might not be at the top of your priority list, but once it’s completed you can get on and enjoy your life. Being prepared for what life has in store not only gives you peace of mind but could save your loved ones a great deal of stress and potential heartache in the future.

Make sure you’re prepared for the future

At Mark Reynolds Solicitors, we can help to make sure you’re prepared for the future and that your affairs will be in order after your death. Our specialist Wills & Probate department in Widnes makes the whole process straightforward.

Will Preparation Widnes

It’s never too early to prepare a will. If you’re 18 or older and have property, possession, or dependents, then making a will should be a priority. It will benefit your family and loved ones after you’ve gone while giving you valuable peace of mind.

By preparing a will, you are able to determine how your estate is divided among those people closest to you. It also allows you to express your wishes regarding your funeral arrangements, and whether you would like your body to be available for medical research.

At Mark Reynolds Solicitors, our experienced specialist team help our Widnes clients prepare a will that matches their personal circumstance and best expresses their wishes. Many people put off making a will but with the right help, the process is straightforward.

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Changing Wills Widnes

Family life, our economic circumstances, and our feelings can all change over time. As a result, it’s often essential to change a will to reflect these changes of circumstance. Sometimes our executors predecease us, or our financial circumstances might change. Changing a will to take account of these changes is a relatively simple process, whether you’re looking to make a small amendment or a wholesale rewrite.

Changing your will allows you to make provision for any children or grandchildren who have been born since you first drew up your will. It gives you the chance to review your will, to ensure that it still meets the needs of your family and your changing circumstances.

Our Wills and Probate team regularly advises our Widnes clients about making changes to their will, helping them to be confident that their assets will benefit their loved ones when they’re gone.

Disputed Wills Widnes

When someone dies, it can be highly distressing for a loved one, or family member to discover that they haven’t been provided for by the contents of the will. This can happen for a number of reasons. Family circumstances might have changed and the deceased didn’t update their will to take account of this. Or someone may feel that the deceased was taken advantage of or didn’t have the mental capacity to draw up or change a will.

When this occurs, they may wish to contest the will. Inheritance disputes are all too common, and the experienced team at Mark Reynolds Solicitors can help you find a resolution. We can guide you through mediation, or if necessary, court proceedings.

Inheritance disputes can be emotionally draining, and we work to minimise stress while working for a fair resolution for our Widnes clients.

Lasting Power of Attorney Widnes

As we get older we may have concerns about our ability to make considered decisions about our finances, assets, health, and wellbeing. To help protect your interests and ensure that you have peace of mind, it’s possible to assign Lasting Power of Attorney to a trusted individual or individuals. They can make decisions about your financial, personal and health matters if there comes a time when you’re unable to make these decisions yourself.

Our professional and experienced team can provide you with confidential advice and guidance about Lasting Power of Attorney and Enduring Power of Attorney. We help our Widnes clients make practical preparations for the future, whatever it might hold.

If you’re looking for help with Will Widnes or would like advice about Lasting Power of Attorney, inheritance disputes, or any other probate issue, then our friendly Widnes team would like to hear from you.

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