5 Reasons You Can Sue Your Dentist

Dental treatment rarely goes wrong, but if you are a victim of negligence and wish to take action against your dentist, Mark Reynolds can provide all the legal support that you are looking for. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons for suing dental professionals right now.

  1. Erratic or incorrect treatments

If a procedure has been carried out incorrectly, we can help. We have dealt with many cases involving unnecessary and incorrect tooth removal and can help you achieve justice following poor-quality treatment.

  1. The wrong prescriptions

Many people see no option other than taking action after becoming victims of dosage errors, unnecessary prescriptions and prescriptions of drugs you are known to have an allergy to. You may have been given medication that conflicted with drugs you were already taken. In any case, help is available.

  1. Diagnosis failure

If a dentist fails to diagnose a specific condition, you may be forced to undergo more treatment than would otherwise be required. Disorders that may be missed can include tooth decay and gum disease. If it is likely that a body of medical professionals would have been able to diagnose your disorder but failed to do so, you may be able to take legal action.

  1. Substandard training of staff

Many people take action because mistakes were made by staff the company failed to train to an acceptable standard. When staff haven’t received quality training, they are far more likely to make mistakes that could have been avoided.

  1. Unnecessary procedures

If work has been carried out that you didn’t ask for and weren’t aware that you were going to receive, you may be able to receive compensation.

To find out more about making a claim against a dentist, contact Mark Reynolds Solicitors today. You can reach us by calling 01928 560022 or using the form on the website.