How A Cancer Misdiagnosis Claim Works

We investigate cases relating to the delay in diagnosing cancer here at Mark Reynolds Solicitors. This is a difficult topic, as the diagnosis of cancer always has a profound effect on an individual but to then find out that the cancer may have been diagnosed earlier, is very hard. We find that these clients have a lot of unanswered questions about why their cancer was missed, what impact it would have had on them if they had been diagnosed when they should have been, whether their cancer has progressed during the misdiagnosis period and whether this will ultimately affect their treatment. These are the questions that we try and get answers to during our investigations.

There are many factors that influence a claim relating to the misdiagnosis of cancer. These include; the type of cancer, the grade of the cancer, the period of the delay and the staging of the cancer at the time of the diagnosis. They are by no means easy claims, but we try to make them as simple as we can for our clients.

As well as having a physical impact on our clients, the delay in diagnosis can have an emotional impact and sometimes a psychological impact. Some clients understandably find it difficult to process that their cancer could have been diagnosed and treated earlier. We offer as much support as we can to these clients to help them through their difficult time.

We are currently investigating a claim relating to the delay in diagnosing thyroid cancer. Our early investigations indicate that there was a four-year delay in diagnosing our client’s cancer. This client had initially attended with a lump in her throat and a biopsy was taken but the client was told that there was nothing to worry about. It was only when the client returned as the lump had grown, that the cancer was diagnosed.

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