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How Care Cuts Are Affecting Older People in the UK

An inquiry has found that government care cuts are putting the elderly’s health and wellbeing at risk.

The 13 month inquiry was carried out by the global campaign group Human Rights Watch and found that older people are facing physical, financial and psychological hardship because of cuts.

Since the government cuts, many elderly people are now finding that they are not receiving the help they need to live independent and dignified lives.

Many elderly people rely on social care services to help them to continue to live independently in the community. But since 2010, when the government cut the funding for councils by almost 50%, there has been a 140% increase in adult social care complaints.

Many elderly people are now receiving incorrect care assessments, which can have devastating effects on their health, wellbeing and independence.

Planning for Home Care Fees

In a country with an ageing population and rising care costs, planning and preparing for care later in life is becoming more important than ever.

The amount of financial support that you can claim towards funding care costs is dependent on the value of your capital assets.

If your capital assets exceed the maximum threshold, which currently stands at £23,320, then you will be required to fund the full cost of your care yourself.

Working out how much you would be required to pay towards your care costs, and where you will find the money, can be stressful and confusing.

At Mark Reynolds Solicitors we offer a care home fee planning and advice service to help you prepare for the future.

Our specialist solicitors can help you and your family to understand what options are available to fund your care and help you to put plans in place, giving you peace of mind that you will be looked after in the future.

For more information about our care home fee planning service, or to book a free consultation, please get in touch by giving us a call on 0800 002 9577.