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Case Report – Negligence Arising Out of Eye Surgery

We recently concluded a successful settlement for a lady who suffered significant damage to her vision as a result of negligence during an operation on her eye.

Our client had unfortunately suffered detached retinas in both eyes in quick succession. She underwent non-negligent surgery in her left eye but there was a negligent complication with the right eye which resulted in permanent damage to the optic nerve. She was left with significantly impaired vision in her right eye.

As a result of her visual impairment, our client had to give up her job and has lost the majority of her independence. This has caused her significant and permanent financial losses and expenses.

Our client had previously instructed another firm of solicitors to deal with the claim but became dissatisfied with their level of service and a lack of progress with the case. She then approached Mark Reynolds Solicitors and we agreed to take over the case.

In order to progress and succeed with the claim, it was necessary to commission eight formal reports and statements from expert witnesses. A Consultant Ophthalmologist was required to consider and report on the negligent surgery, the physical injury caused to our client’s eye and the prognosis for the future; a Consultant Psychologist reported on the psychological impact that the injury had on our client;  and a Care and Occupational Therapist reported on the day to day impact the disablement had on our client, including the need for aids, adaptations and care.

Having obtained all of the required expert evidence we were then able to negotiate an out of court settlement for a figure just over £375,000.

Dominic Jones, the solicitor running the case, said the following after the case was settled: “Tragically, a very straightforward surgical error led to a permanent eye injury for our client. Her life has been changed forever and she has also incurred significant past and future expenses as a result of the injury. Getting to a point where we could negotiate the settlement was very complicated, with numerous experts involved and a very wide range of financial losses to consider and quantify. Having built up the evidence to be as strong as possible, we were then able to get the case settled out of court without the need to attend an anxious and unpredictable trial.”

Our client made the following comments: “I was very impressed with the personalised service that I was provided. The solicitors arranged appointments at various places to suit me, including at my home. I was provided with detailed advice throughout the claim. I would definitely use Mark Reynolds Solicitors in the future and would be happy to recommend them to friends and family.”

Negligence related to eye treatments or surgery is just one area of claim that we can deal with. If you think that you have been a victim of medical negligence please call our team for a free, no obligation consultation on 0800 002 9577