x-ray showing cancer diagnosis

The impact of a delayed cancer diagnosis

At Mark Reynolds Solicitors, we can provide the legal representation you are looking for if you have been affected by a delayed cancer diagnosis. If an opportunity for diagnosis has been missed and the cancer has developed further than it perhaps otherwise would have, it’s only right that you should decide to take legal action.

Why would a diagnosis be delayed?

A cancer diagnosis can be delayed for many reasons. Tissue samples and smears are sometimes misinterpreted by specialists, as are scans and x-rays. The diagnosis may also be delayed because a detailed investigation was not carried out. Cancers that are sometimes diagnosed later than they could have been include skin, lung, cervical, breast and bowel cancer, as well as lymphoma, carcinoma and others.

You may also wish to take action if you have been diagnosed as having cancer when you didn’t. You may have undergone procedures that were not necessary because of your misdiagnosis or may have experienced great psychological suffering.

What are the risks of late diagnosis?

When cancer is diagnosed too late, the disease can spread throughout the body and make the illness less treatable. This can reduce your chances of survival. It’s vital that medical specialists diagnose cancer as quick as they possibly can, to give you the best chance of making a recovery. An early diagnosis also means your treatment is more likely to be successful. A report carried out by Incisive Health and Cancer Research UK found that around 52,000 cases of colon, rectal, lung and ovarian cancer may have been diagnosed too late each year. Delayed diagnosis can also raise treatment costs, resulting in the NHS paying more to provide care.

Is there always someone to blame?

Delayed diagnosis can happen for many reasons, and it is not always the fault of medical specialists. Some illnesses are diagnosed too late because patients remain unaware of the systems for some time before they seek help. It’s not uncommon for diagnosis to occur too late because patients are too fearful to visit their GP. However, if you do suspect your diagnosis occurred too late because a healthcare provider failed in their duty of care to you, we may be able to help you source compensation and justice.

Why choose Mark Reynolds?

We have a great deal of experience when it comes to handling a wide range of clinical and medical negligence claims. We always aim to get the best possible outcome for our clients, taking our time to understand the nature and impact of the negligence on you and your family. All of our solicitors have received the highest standard of training needed to handle medical negligence claims competently and professionally. For many of our clients, compensation is not the only reason for taking legal action. Equally, it’s about highlighting the issues and ensuring that their case is heard and ultimately acted upon.

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