Iv Drip Inserted In Patient's Hand

Iron Infusions causing Permanent Staining

Here at Mark Reynolds Solicitors we are seeing an increasing number of cases of permanent staining arising from Iron Infusion Treatments.

Iron Infusions are often offered to patients who have iron deficiency anaemia and it is not uncommon for this treatment to be offered during a term of pregnancy. The procedure involves a cannula insertion in which the infusion can be dripped straight into the vein. This should be a pain free procedure and can sometimes result in a minimal amount of bruising at the injection site.

Sadly, many patients have been suffering much more permanent and painful results. These results arise from extravasation of the infusion.

Extravasation Injuries

An extravasation injury is when damage is caused to the surrounding tissue to the injection site as the solution will actually leak from the vessel into neighbouring tissue space. 

Clients who have fallen victim to this type of injury have reported the procedure feeling immediately painful and some noticing their skin around the injured site becoming orange in colour.

Following the procedure, there will remain a darkened area of skin which many of our clients have been reassured at the time is merely bruising, which it is not. It is in fact long-lasting and permanent staining to the skin.

The emotional distress this causes is hard to contemplate and coming to terms with the permanency of this staining can be a big adjustment for anyone to make who has experienced this.

Medical Negligence

Those who are administering Iron Infusions should be appropriately trained, understand the risk of extravasation and make the patient aware of the risk whilst also being able to identify signs and symptoms of extravasation throughout the procedure.

When the standard of care falls below what is required and the above factors are not adhered to, Medical Negligence may have occurred.

Our Medical Negligence Solicitors identify when the standard falls below what is expected and ensures that the negligent party is held accountable.

Our Medical Negligence Team have a depth of knowledge surrounding this type of negligence and want to ensure those who have had the misfortune to encounter this negligence are given the guidance and assistance they deserve in making a Medical Negligence Claim.

Most recently, Lisa Musgrave who is one of our Medical Negligence Solicitors, resolved a case relating to a client who attended hospital for a routine iron infusion and was left with permanent staining to the arm. In this case, the negligent hospital failed to correctly consent our client and also failed to undertake the appropriate checks during the infusion.

Lisa ensured that our client was seen by both a Camouflage Makeup Expert and Clinical Psychologist.  The experts made the appropriate recommendations to assist in rehabilitating the client which included access to a lifetime supply of camouflage makeup and further appointments with a Clinical Psychologist. This case was settled in the sum of £30,000.00.

Over recent months we have taken on an increasing number of cases similar to this one and our team continue to support and provide legal advice to any such clients throughout their ongoing claims.

If you would like to discuss a possible medical negligence claim relating to Iron Infusions or any other medical failure, please contact one of our medical negligence solicitors on 01925 418 004 or email info@markreynoldssolicitors.co.uk