Medical Negligence Solicitors in Manchester

Manchester is renowned for its comprehensive range of exceptional healthcare services.

These establishments and numerous clinics and GP surgeries work tirelessly to uphold the community’s health.

Unfortunately, despite healthcare professionals’ unwavering dedication, medical mishaps still can, and do, occur. When medical negligence arises, its impact can be profound, impacting physical health, mental wellbeing, and quality of life.

Here at Mark Reynolds Solicitors, our team of specialist medical negligence solicitors in Manchester is fully committed to supporting the community by providing clear and compassionate legal guidance to those affected.

Areas of Medical Negligence

Our team’s medical negligence expertise spans various medical fields, ensuring that whether your experience involves a hospital stay, a routine check-up, or specialist care, we can offer the support and legal guidance you require to make a successful compensation claim.

Hospital Care – Even within Manchester’s reputable hospitals, surgical errors, mismanagement of medication, and inadequate post-operative care can lead to further complications or injury.

GP and Primary Care – General Practitioners are often our first point of contact when we feel unwell. Negligence at this level, through misdiagnosis, delayed referral, or incorrect treatment, can significantly impact the patient’s recovery.

Dental Treatment – Dental professionals in Manchester provide essential oral health services. However, negligence such as improper extractions, misdiagnosing oral conditions, or faulty procedures can warrant a compensation claim.

Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment – Timely and accurate diagnosis is crucial in cancer care. Negligence, whether in misinterpreting tests or delays in treatment, can have dire consequences, and we’re here to help you navigate the legal aspects should this occur.

Pregnancy and Childbirth – The joy of welcoming a new addition to the family can be overshadowed by medical oversights. Our medical negligence solicitors in Manchester are adept at handling prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal negligence cases.

Orthopaedic Injuries – From missed fractures to botched surgeries, our team is experienced in claims related to orthopaedic negligence, ensuring you receive the support and compensation you need to help you move on from the incident.

Cauda Equina Syndrome – This rare but severe condition requires prompt action. Failure to diagnose and treat it quickly can lead to permanent damage.

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Manchester’s healthcare services set a high standard for medical care.

Nevertheless, Mark Reynolds Solicitors is ready to assist when those expectations are not met.

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