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Medical Negligence cases in Warrington

Mark Reynolds Solicitors has professional Medical Negligence claims Solicitors situated in Warrington.Warrington If you have suffered a medical injury through either the NHS or private healthcare services our solicitors will be able to help with compensation and to help you start the road to recovery. Medical negligence can often be referred to as is medical negligence.

Unlike Personal Injury claims, Medical and Clinical negligence claims require you to prove two specific things; Fault and Avoidable Harm. The Fault being that the healthcare professional failed in carrying out their responsibility to you and Avoidable Harm is that this failure has caused you to be in the position you are now in.

In order for our solicitors to help you bring a successful claim for medical negligence, we must prove two things; a breach of duty and causation. The first thing that has to be established is that there has been a breach of duty of care by the medical professional. In terms of there being a fault, when you hear ‘breach of duty’, it refers to the idea that the type of treatment you or a loved one received fell below the expected standard that a skilled and competent specialist should provide. And it is, therefore, our job to prove that this provided care fell below the standard expected. The term ‘causation’ refers to the avoidable harm, meaning that you need to show that the negligent care was what caused you harm as opposed to your actual medical condition. Despite this sounding relatively simple, it can be difficult to prove when the person was already ill.

Medical Negligence Time Constraints

A compensation claim is usually required to have been started within three years of the injury or when you discovered that your injury was caused by negligence. In order to provide time for the appropriate steps of investigation to take place, it is paramount that legal advice is sought as soon as the medical negligence has taken place as some of the evidence relies on memory.

How we help you to prepare for a Medical Negligence Claim

At Mark Reynolds Solicitors Warrington, we will discuss in detail with you all the issues which have occurred during your treatment so we can fully understand the impact that the medical negligence has had on your life and that of your family, this will ensure that any compensation you receive will cover all your future needs.

Preparing a medical negligence case can involve taking detailed statements, obtaining full copies of your medical records and X-rays, and seeking expert opinions. Taking these steps can take some time, but will ensure that we prepare the strongest case for our client.

Many clients are concerned that although they believe negligence has occurred during their medical treatment, they worry that the medical profession will “stick together” and not admit that negligence has occurred. At Mark Reynolds Solicitors we have a database of medical experts who are familiar with producing reports when medical negligence is alleged. The medical experts that we instruct are independent and are familiar with the rules that the Courts apply to ascertain whether negligence has occurred.

Through our experience of dealing with victims of medical negligence clients often tell us that it is not compensation that they want, they need an apology or an explanation as to why an incident has occurred in their treatment. Other clients have told us that they feel procedures and policies need to be changed so no one else has to go through the same experience they have. Here at Mark Reynolds Solicitors Warrington, we appreciate these feelings and we can provide support and advice on other avenues which may be available to help achieve such resolutions.

The Medical Negligence Claims Process

Often clients wish to receive an apology or the knowledge that someone else will not suffer from the same negligence as well as financial compensation. However, claiming compensation for medical negligence will only be able to provide you with financial compensation alone, but other options available can be discussed with your lawyer.

If you live in Warrington or the surrounding areas, such as with offices in RuncornLeigh or Liverpool. Mark Reynolds Solicitors professional advice and expertise is situated so that you have legal advice on your doorstep. To find out more about how our Clinical and Medical Negligence claims Solicitors can help you with your case, Feel free to call Mark Reynolds solicitors based in Warrington on 01925 418004 or start your personal injury claim online through our contact page and we’ll call you.

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