Never Events

Each month, the NHS typically sees over 1 million attendances across the UK. Whilst the vast majority of consultations, treatments and surgeries are done with no complications, there are some events, in which regretfully, mistakes do happen.

What is a Never Event?

The NHS regard “Never Events” as serious, largely preventable incidents that should not occur if healthcare providers have implemented existing national guidance or safety recommendations.

From the 1st April 2020 to the 31st March 2021, the NHS had reported 364 of these incidents across the UK. A Never Event has a very wide definition and can be as little as leaving a surgical swab within the body following an operation (known as a foreign object) to operating and removing the wrong limb or part of the body.

Never Event List

A list of some events classed as a never event has been listed by the NHS are as follows:

  • Wrong Site Surgery
  • Retained Foreign Object
  • Misplaced Naso or Oro Gastric Tube
  • Wrong Implant/Prosthesis
  • Scalding of patients
  • Incorrectly administered medication

A full list can be found here on the NHS website.

Whilst some may not be as serious as you think, Never Events have been branded by this name by the NHS as they are, simply, events that should never happen.

If you believe you have suffered a Never Event within the last three years, you could be entitled to a medical negligence claim. Please do give us a call for a no obligation chat regarding the events of your care and our no win no fee agreement.