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Personal Injury Claims Explained

Nobody ever thinks they will be involved in an accident until it happens. Not knowing what to do after it happens can make an already stressful and upsetting time even worse. With this in mind, it is important that you are aware of the steps to take if you need to proceed with making a personal injury claim.

Firstly you must be aware that a claim can only be filed if the accident was not your fault. This may sound obvious but often people may fail to realise when they have been at fault for their own injury so it is important to make this initial distinction.

If you do wish to file a claim you must be aware that the sooner you make the claim, the more successful you are likely to be. Some evidence that will be used in cases is time sensitive such as memories and eye witness accounts. The sooner these are compiled by yourself and your solicitor, the stronger your case will be.

It is also important to know that a claim can only be filed if an injury has been sustained as a result of the accident. The injury would have needed to require medical attention and subsequently would have been recorded by medical professionals. These medical documents will be one of the pillars of your case so it is an important step.

As with any claim, personal injury claims must be filed within three years of the date the accident occurred or three years from the date where it was realised that your health had been affected as a result. This rule applies in all cases except from when it is in the case of a child or some industrial cases.

Most people are often reluctant to even think about approaching a law firm and filing a claim because of the money that could be involved. However, it is likely that you have heard the phrase ‘no win, no fee’ which means that your claim will be financed solely by this agreement. If your claim is lost you won’t need to pay a penny and if you win then the fee is settled via of a percentage of that money.

It is difficult to initially have an idea of the amount of compensation you will receive. The majority of people think that you could look at someone who sustained the same injury and filed a claim but it is not that simple. These cases and the compensation are based on the individuals circumstances so can vary greatly. One person may have recovered in weeks and was able to go back to work whereas another may never fully heal and be unable to continue working as a result. It is only once your solicitor has compiled all of the evidence and details of the case that they could give you an estimation from their professional opinion.

Now that you have the relevant information surrounding personal injury claims you can decide whether or not you feel it is within your best interest to file a claim.