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Personal Injury: Cycling Safety Tips

Personal injury claims can be made by anyone who has suffered an injury in the workplace or outside the workplace because of another person’s negligence. At Mark Reynolds Solicitors we’re here to offer world-class advice and guidance through your personal injury claim.

But sometimes accidents can happen – especially if you’re cycling on the road during winter. Almost 92% of cycling accidents involve a car. The cold, wet and sometimes windy weather can be even more hazardous for cyclists. Here a few quick cycling safety tips for the winter:

Road Safety Tips for Cyclists

  • Ensure you’re riding a doors width away from parked cars in case anyway gets out
  • Always stop at red lights – no excuses!
  • Rise centrally in narrower lanes to avoid contact with other cars.
  • Always wear a correctly fitted helmet and high vis clothing, even during the day as you can’t predict the weather (fog, clouding over, heavy rain, etc)
  • Make sure all lights on your bicycle are working. Turn them on when it’Personal Injury Holidays foggy, very cloudy or heavy rain, as well as at night.
  • Never ride alongside large vehicles such as buses, coaches or HGVs. You may be in the driver’s blind spot.
  • Observe the Highway Code, it’s there for a reason
  • Always be polite and make eye-contact with drivers so you know they’ve seen you.
  • Always signal to drivers as to which direction you intend to go
  • Keep clear of the kerb

Road Safety Tips for Motorists

  • Look out for cyclists at junctions
  • When getting out of the car, watch out for any cyclists riding past before you open the door
  • Leave room for cyclists at traffic lights
  • Always signal for cyclists so they know where you intend to turn
  • You can overtake cyclists as long as you give them enough room
  • Never intimidate cyclists, even if their speed is slower. Remain patient and polite.

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