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Prostate Cancer Awareness

Prostate Cancer is predicted to be the most common cancer in the UK by 2030 yet so many people have no idea that it is so prominent. Often a silent killer, it is a fact that Prostate Cancer claims the lives of over 11,000 men year by year and the bleak reality of this is that amounts to the death of one man every 45 minutes of each day. 

Prostate Cancer UK conducted a survey which found that only 46% of the UK could identify where the Prostate is in the body and only a mere 12% of the UK population actually know what the prostate does, yet 1 in 8 men will get Prostate Cancer in their lifetime.

The Prostate is a small gland located between the bladder and the penis and it has a dual purpose to produce fluid that protects and forms part of semen.

Prostate cancer in the early stages may not cause any symptoms however as the cancer grows, unpleasant and painful symptoms that become present may include difficulty passing urine, a need to pass urine suddenly, blood in the urine, pain when passing urine and even erectile dysfunction.

To receive a medical diagnosis for Prostate Cancer, some of the tests that are carried out would normally include a physical examination of the prostate, a blood test and a biopsy

However, it is disturbing to discover that some men who present to their medical professionals with even classic symptoms are never referred for the appropriate tests or their treatment is not appropriately managed. It can be in these situations that death from the cancer then follows.

Prostate cancer and Medical Negligence

Patients may become subject to medical negligence both before and following their diagnosis of Prostate Cancer.

A delay in diagnosis could be negligent and may occur when the symptoms are mistaken for lesser conditions, blood tests are misread or blood tests show raised levels of prostate but this is mistaken for non-cancerous growth or a Urinary Tract Infection

It is also the case that medical professionals fail to perform a digital rectal examination.

As if it is not concerning enough that medical negligence can occur in failing to identify the cancer, it is also possible that negligence can occur after the diagnosis has been made.

This can happen in the following ways;  

  • Through incorrect management of treatment as some forms of Prostate Cancer do not require treatment until or if the condition becomes worse however, this must be managed effectively or it may lead to a fatal outcome.
  • Insufficient or inappropriate treatment if the advancement of the Prostate Cancer is not identified
  • Surgical errors and mistakes
  • Excessive doses of radiotherapy and ultrasound treatment or treatment to unaffected areas

Most recently Angela Richardson of our Medical Negligence Team has been supporting the family of a patient who was never referred for the appropriate testing following repeatedly presenting to his medical practitioner with symptoms of Prostate Cancer. Unfortunately, the cancer spread out of the Prostate to the bones of the body and this was then only discovered at an advanced stage which was then too late. The patient sadly passed away. 

Our team of Medical Negligence Experts at Mark Reynolds Solicitors identify when mistakes have been made and do our upmost to ensure that these mistakes are recognised by the negligent party.

Playing our Part in Raising Awareness

Prostate Cancer UK – March the Month

Here at Mark Reynolds Solicitors it is vital to us that we play a role in raising awareness for medical conditions as well as fundraising to support the research into better and quicker systems for their diagnosis.

For the whole of September 2020, our colleagues are taking part in the March the Month challenge, organised by Prostate Cancer UK.

The challenge involves hitting 11,000 steps per day, for the entire month, to represent the 11,000 brothers, fathers, sons and friends we lose each year to this awful disease.

Look out for updates on our website and Facebook page as to how we get on!

If you would like to discuss a possible medical negligence claim relating to Prostate Cancer or any other medical failure, please contact one of our medical negligence solicitors on 01925 418 004 or email