dental negligence

Reasons to Claim Against Your Dentist

Many people worry about going to the dentist and often feel nervous or apprehensive even at the thought of treatment. Usually, treatment goes well and they leave the dental surgery feeling relieved, with their dental worries resolved.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes people are left suffering from unnecessary damage, stress and pain after a trip to the dentist. But you should never suffer in silence.

If you feel you’ve received negligent treatment from your dentist, it’s worth finding out whether you can receive compensation by making a claim against them.

What Dental Problems Can You Claim For?

There are many reasons why you may be able to file a claim for dental negligence against your dentist or dental surgery. Here are just a few of them:

  • Incorrect teeth extraction
  • Infections due to lack of care
  • Later complications caused by a failure to diagnose dental conditions
  • Poor application of anaesthetic
  • Problems caused due to insufficiently trained or qualified staff
  • Failing to check medical history or allergies
  • Failure of cosmetic restoration work

Dental negligence can have long-lasting effects that may leave permanent damage to your mouth, teeth or gums even after receiving further corrective surgery. This may not only leave physical damage; you are equally susceptible to potential psychological trauma.

It’s terrible to have been left in a place of pain after undertaking something designed to solve a problem. Even though compensation may not resolve the resulting pain or trauma, it can help ease the financial burden, especially if you need to pay for further corrective work or if you lost time at work owing to the negligence.

How to Claim for Dental Negligence

Mistakes can happen with dental surgery or treatment, but you shouldn’t have to pay the price. If your dentist has caused you suffering, you may be able to claim for dental negligence.

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