What benefits can I claim after leg amputation?

Leg injuries are one of the most common workplace injuries and all too often they can lead to amputation. If a workplace injury leads to leg amputation then it may be possible to make a compensation claim.

The consequences of amputation cannot be overstated. It can result in a considerable loss of earnings, pension rights and difficulties with mobility and day to day living.

While some state benefits are available to help people who undergo a leg amputation, these will not cover most of the associated costs and loss of earnings. As a result, it can sometimes be necessary to make a claim for compensation to enable the amputee to enjoy as full and as comfortable a life as possible.

What benefits can I claim after leg amputation?

A compensation claim for leg amputation will usually include a range of benefits depending on the individual circumstances of the claimant.

General expenses

These provide compensation for the direct effects of the accident, such as the pain and suffering that you went through due to your accident. It also includes any mental trauma, anxiety and stress that was caused by your injury. It might also include a component for a reduced quality of life and any employment issues that might arise.

Special expenses

These can reimburse you for any out of pocket expenses that you experienced because of your amputation. This might include travel costs for treatment and the cost of modifications needed for a vehicle. These are generally a more straightforward calculation than general expenses.

These might include:

Short term medical costs

As a result of your injury you may incur medical expenses. These can be recovered when making an accident at work claim. Commonly, these might include the cost of private treatment, medication, diagnostic tests and hospital stay.

Long term medical costs

You may require medical follow-ups alongside other medical treatments over the long term.

Transportation costs

Travel for hospital treatment and rehabilitation can soon mount up, particularly if your travel options are now more limited. You may require a taxi and will have to bear certain expenses. These costs can be recouped through a compensation claim.

Loss of income

If you can no longer work in your current occupation then you may suffer a loss of earnings. You may lose salary, bonuses and other types of work-related income. Income and associated benefits may be reimbursed if you are making a compensation claim for leg amputation.

Loss of earning capacity

This aspect of a compensation claim takes into account the reduction in income you may suffer going forward. If your earning capacity has been reduced because of leg amputation you may be able to gain compensation.

Replacement and repair of damaged property

If any property, such as a phone, was damaged during the accident you may receive compensation to cover that damage. It’s also possible to claim compensation for any modifications that are made to your home.

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