Why accident victims shouldn’t accept an offer before speaking to a lawyer first

Around three million people are injured in accidents every year. Not all of them lead to compensation claims but those that do can sometimes leave the injured party under-compensated. This is because many people who do get injured take the very first offer that the insurance company offers them, without seeking legal advice.

The first offer from an insurance company will always be the lowest offer and accident victims are often tempted to take the offer to avoid the hassle of going to court and making a claim.


At Mark Reynolds Solicitors we always recommend that you get legal advice first. The first offer made by the insurance company will not take into account all the loss of earnings that you may incur or the expenses and future losses that you may face. It may also be the case that the full extent of your injuries are not yet known so it would be a mistake to not get the appropriate medical advice first before progressing.

If you have to take significant time off work because of an accident it can be tempting to take the first offer you’re given so that you know you’ve got a bit of money to fall back on. However, it pays to be patient and to discuss the full ramifications of your case with a legal adviser. Accident victims that seek legal advice are likely to receive two or three times more compensation than the original offer so it’s definitely worth pursuing your claim.

At Mark Reynolds Solicitors we will listen to the circumstances of your case in detail and help you prepare everything you need to make a viable claim. You can be rest assured that we will take into account the full impact of your injury and how it has affected you so that you can receive the compensation you deserve. Feel free to call one of our offices in Leigh, Liverpool, Runcorn or Warrington to discuss or book an appointment.