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Does My Business Need A Consultancy Agreement

If you run a business and are considering taking on a consultant, you will need to get a suitable contract in place to protect all concerned. When you draw up a consultancy agreement, you can put clear terms and conditions in place, whether the consultant is a company or an individual. A growing number of companies are taking on consultants, with the gig economy consisting of not just consultants but a wealth of freelancers and contractors.

The rise of the consultant

Consulting is much more prominent than it was a decade or so ago. Consultants no longer simply come in the form of IT professionals and management professionals. A wide range of industries are now home to consultants providing various services. The agreement that you create should clearly describe the services that the consultant is expected to provide, also making it clear what duties will not be carried out as part of the arrangement. This can help prevent a great deal of confusion and assumption arising from the business-consultant relationship.

What to include in your agreement

The agreement should also include detailed information about payment terms. It should include details on how much will be paid, how often and when the payment will be made. The invoicing process must reflect the terms of the agreement. The agreement should also consist of information on intellectual property rights, including details on whether the consultant has any legal right to the IP created. The specific business relationship also needs to be outlined in the contract to ensure the consultant cannot expect to be paid as an employed member of staff would, receiving sick and holiday pay unless this has been specifically agreed as part of the arrangement.

Bespoke agreements available

The contents of the agreement will need to be specific to your arrangement, which means off-the-shelf agreements and templates are rarely suitable for such projects. Help is available if you do need assistance with drawing up a suitable contract for your business-consultant relationship. At Mark Reynolds, we have vast experience in creating consultancy agreements and can help you produce a legally-binding document that all concerned are satisfied with. Those that fail to adhere to the terms of a legally-binding consultancy agreement can be met with legal action including claims for breach of contract or negligence.

Comply with legislation and avoid breaches

We have the experience and expertise needed to help you comply with employment laws and avoid tough penalties. We provide first-class services for a wide range of company owners, HR professionals, managers, executives and senior employees and can come to your assistance whether you’re an SME or large corporation. With our help, you can avoid disputes, penalties and Employment Tribunal Claims. Other employment services available from Mark Reynolds include policy drafting, redundancy advice, training, representation and advice on disciplinary issues, grievances, contracts, handbooks, settlements and termination agreements.

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