industrial disease

What Counts As An Industrial Disease Claim?

At Mark Reynolds, we have been helping clients obtain industrial disease compensation for many years. Employers across all industries have a duty of care to their employees and face penalties if they fail to comply with this. We are able to offer the highest standard of representation and are able to provide legal assistance in various areas related to industrial disease, including asbestos, carpal tunnel syndrome, tinnitus, vibration white finger, mesothelioma, industrial disease claims and many more.

How Compensation Can Help

The compensation that you receive can help you pay for any changes you have been forced to make to your life as a result of suffering from an industrial disease. It can also offset at least some of your pain and suffering. Many industrial diseases occur after individuals are exposed to dangerous substances or unsafe working practices over a long period of time. In order for an industrial disease claim to be a success, we need to carry out a thorough investigation of your working history.

A Passion for Justice

A large number of claimants remain unaware that their illness is related to their working history for many years. However, if you do suspect that your condition is linked to work that you have carried out in the past, we can help. We are passionate about delivering justice for our clients and we always aim to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for your illness.

A Duty of Care

Your employer’s duty of care means that they need to provide you with personal protective equipment when necessary, must provide breaks from working in the same environment or on the same tasks and must offer sufficient training to ensure you are competent enough to do your job efficiently and safely. If you contract an industrial disease because they failed in their duty of care, there’s a very big chance we will be able to bring them to account and provide you with justice.

Swifter Resolution

We also aim to reach a conclusion in the shortest time-frame possible, so you can get the compensation you need and put the legal action behind you. Some workplace illnesses are a direct result of working in certain environments, whilst other conditions have been worsened because of them. Some industrial disease cases can be very complex, but we have the experience, expertise and determination needed to see them through.

A No Win, No Fee Service

The level of compensation that you receive will depend on a range of factors, such as the severity of your suffering and how much your quality of life has been affected. We work on a no win, no fee basis to take the risk out of making a claim and offer a bespoke service which means your specific needs and circumstances are always addressed when we help you. Why not get in touch today if you wish to find out more about making an industrial disease claim with Mark Reynolds? Call us today on 0800 002 9577 or complete the form on our site.