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What Kinds of Industrial Disease Can I Claim For?

Industrial diseases are an unfortunately common occurrence in the workplace. At Mark Reynolds, our lawyers know that this shouldn’t be the case.

We are here to help you and to fight your claims for compensation from negligent employers. Industrial diseases can take years to appear, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t claim for the injury that’s been done to you over time. Our experts have the necessary skills and experience to know when and how to fight cases.

There are many different types of industrial disease that you can claim for, so we’ve put together this rundown of the most common occupational illnesses.

What is an Industrial Disease?

Industrial diseases are chronic, debilitating and potentially life-threatening illnesses that are caused over time due to inhospitable or unhealthy working environments.

Industrial diseases range from dangerous respiratory diseases to disabling forms of tinnitus. There is a range of different illnesses and diseases that can occur depending on where you work, how long you have worked there for, and what the safety standards and precautions in place have been like.

Industrial diseases form over time and can be caused by exposure to deadly substances such as asbestos or due to not having been issued correct or adequate safety equipment in industrial jobs.

Types of Industrial Disease

It’s important to know which industrial diseases you may be susceptible to and which you can claim compensation for if your employer is at fault. Here’s an incomplete rundown of common forms of industrial diseases that our clients have contracted due to bad health and safety practices in the workplace.

Occupational Cancer

One of the most dangerous industrial diseases that we fight claims of compensation relating to is occupational cancer.

Occupational cancers form due to poor health and safety standards in the workplace, and over time have led to employees being subject to carcinogens or radiation while on the job. This is one of the worst and most unpredictable industrial illnesses, as cancers can form variously in the body and can be caused by a variety of exposures.

The type of job you’ve worked can influence the type of cancer you could potentially contract. Construction workers can end up with lung cancer related to asbestos exposure, while even simply working too long in direct sunlight with inadequate protection can result in skin cancer.

Occupational cancers can, in some circumstances, be difficult to directly prove as being directly caused by the workplace environment. However at Mark Reynolds, we have the experience to know when you need to press for a claim.

Respiratory Diseases

Another unfortunately all too common type of industrial disease that we fight cases for are respiratory diseases.

These are diseases that affect the respiratory system, namely diseases that affect the lungs and your ability to breathe. There are many different types of respiratory disease, but common types include emphysema, bronchitis and asthma.

While some of these can occur naturally, these diseases can be fiercely exaggerated by inadequate safety standards in workplaces, in particular in construction work, factory jobs or scientific research roles. Even office job workers can contract respiratory diseases due to inadequate ventilation systems or out-dated, asbestos-lined workplaces.

Asbestos-Related Diseases

One of the most infamous forms of industrial disease that our lawyers at Mark Reynolds deal with on a regular basis is disease related to asbestos.

It’s unfortunately common for us to deal with clients suffering from exposure to asbestos, particularly as this deadly material was used so prevalently in construction in the past. These diseases can take years to appear after exposure, but asbestos is known to cause lung cancer and many other respiratory illnesses.

Many construction workers in past decades didn’t know the dangers of asbestos and suffered dire consequences because of this lack of knowledge. Today, while the dangers are very much well known, there’s still a danger of exposure to asbestos in certain industries.

Skin Diseases

In some industries, skin diseases can commonly occur in workers. In fact, skin diseases are amongst the most common type of industrial disease that we fight compensation claims for.

Skin diseases are generally caused by handling carcinogenic substances, chemicals or irritants. There is a wide range of substances that can cause skin diseases, and you can contract cancer or eczema from mishandling products and chemicals while at work.

Hazardous chemicals that are handled with inadequate safety precautions in place can cause long-term damage to your skin, while simply working in the sun can lead to forms of skin cancer too.


Tinnitus is a common occurrence in workers operating for long periods of time in loud environments, be it using heavy machinery consistently or working in noisy industries such as the aviation world and at airports. It is a persistent ringing or humming in the ears that can last for the rest of one’s life.

Tinnitus occurs in a large percentage of the population, and it can be exacerbated due to poor working conditions and in situations where employers fail to provide adequate safety equipment, especially noise-cancelling headphones or ear protectors. Tinnitus can lead to hearing disruption and loss, especially as you age, and it’s an industrial disease that you can definitely claim compensation for.

You can find out more about what counts as a claim for industrial disease in a previous blog post.

A Duty of Care to Employees

All employers have a duty of care to their employers, and it’s for this reason that we at Mark Reynolds know that you can fight for compensation and win if inadequate working conditions have been provided for you during your career.

The Government has passed several Acts of Parliament in its history, deliberately targeting malpractice of employers and lax safety standards, so if you have a case, then you have the force of the law behind you. Workplace health and safety standards are incredibly important. If your employer has breached those standards and broken their duty of care to you, then you deserve compensation.

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