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Cycling accidents in the UK

According to the latest figures from RoSPA, around 3000 cyclists aAccident Claims Solicitorsre killed or seriously injured every year in the UK, and there are approximately 16000 cyclists who suffer minor injuries. And these are just the reported cases. Many cycling accidents are not reported to the police.

These figures are based on cycling accidents which happen on the road. It is estimated that the number of serious injuries that happen to cyclists away from the road could be 2 or 3 times more.

Here are some facts and figures about cycling accidents in the UK:

  • The majority of cycling casualties are adults with less than 20% being children. Around 80% of cycling casualties are also male.
  • Around two thirds of cyclists are killed or seriously injured at road junctions, with T junctions being the most common.
  • Around 50% of cyclist deaths happen on rural roads
  • Approximately 80% of cycling accidents happen in daylight hours
  • Around 75% of cyclists who are killed have major head injuries
  • More cycling accidents happen during the spring and summer months
  • Around 25% of cycling accidents are caused by HGVs, buses or coaches passing too close to a cyclist

When looking at the cause of cycling accidents, the most common scenarios are:

  • Cyclists turning right from a major or minor road
  • Cyclists turning on a junction, especially T Junctions
  • Cyclists riding off a pavement and into the road
  • Motorists turning into the path of a cyclist without looking properly
  • Motorist passing too close to a cyclist

If you have been involved in a cycling accident that wasn’t your fault and would like to discuss the potential for making a claim then please get in touch. At Mark Reynolds we have helped hundreds of cyclists with the accident claim process so please contact us to discuss your case.